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Josh is an antagonist and the host of the Celebrity Manhunt along with his friend Blaineley on Total Drama Action.

In Total Drama Action, he was voiced by Dwayne Hill, who also voiced Principal Greedyguts in Jacob Two-Two, Samy Garvin in Jimmy Two-Shoes, Supreme Dog in Arthur and Z'ORB in Grojband. In the second season of Total DramaRama, he was voiced by Robert Tinkler.


Josh is a tall man with slightly tanned skin, black hair and blue eyes. He wears a black suit with a white shirt and grey bottoms, he wears black boots and red bow.


He debuts as an antagonist in the Total Drama Action Celebrity Manhunt Special as one of the hosts of the "Celebrity Manhunt" and is really excited to coming on Gemmie Awards. Josh shares the lot with Chris similarities, and he loves fights and drama. He welcoming to the interviews to Gwen and Heather, during on the head-on Internet rival. Who is appears that he talking to "Team Gwen". When Josh looking at the girls, they caught a catfight. Next he interviews to Justin, Cody, Trent and Harold where the boys will introduced to The Drama Brothers. Josh trying to talk to The Drama Brothers, while Justin and Trent has preoccupied to breaking up their girlfriends while Harold is mad about he thinking at band didn't like his beating. Josh was ignored, while he's interview on Harold, it is becoming a "H-Bomb". He wants to do is gotta be solo, and his "$OLO" tattooed on the fingers. During his letters is backwards, it says "LO$O". He was laughing at Harold that he leaving from the band, ignoring that Josh didn't think about Harold will getting into a big hit. He was correct, and since the bottom is right hit the rock bottom.

During the end of the Total Drama Action, Josh and Blaineley announce that Geoff, Justin, Beth, Katie, Sadie and Eva are not returning to Total Drama World Tour. Unfortunately, Eva throwing a temper tantrum and then Josh is hitting back into his head by the camera while they signing off. At the "Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By" screen, Josh seen the screaming Blaineley chocking by the Drama Machine.

In Total DramaRama Season 2, Josh appears in The Tooth About Zombies as the reporter covered by the zombie parade.





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