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Okay let's make a deal, I'll call an ambulance just as soon as you f--k your sister.
~ Josh Stock

Josh Stock is the secondary antagonist in the first season of Skins. He appeared in the episodes "Michelle" as a supporting character and "Effy" as the main antagonist.


Michelle first meets Josh at the care home he works at when she goes there to taunt his sister Abigail. They hit off and start a relationship, during which time he mentions to her that a lot of his family have mental health issues.

Tony finds out about this and tricks Abigail into posing naked for photos, steals Josh's phone with the help of a friend, and uploads the pictures to the phone and sends them to everybody Josh knows, including Michelle, which leads to Josh getting dumped.

Unfortunately Josh finds out about what Tony did, so he invites Tony's sister Effy to a party, drugs her up until she loses consciousness and gets Tony to come to the party. Josh tries to force Tony to have sex with his unconscious sister.

After making Tony plead, Josh allows him to walk away with Effy, declaring that "here endeth the lesson."


Josh seems like a pleasant and optimistic person when Michelle first meets him, although he mentions he has a mental illness. This statement is proved right when his insanity turns him into a perverted and sadistic psychopath who goes so far as to drug Effy into unconsciousness and try to force Tony to have sex with her.


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