The Human Directive is the real Prime Directive
~ Grant at his court martial.

Joshua Grant was a former Federation Starfleet Captain in the 23rd century mentioned in the Star Trek video game 25th Anniversary.

In the early 23rd century Grant was in command of the starship USS Galahad when they made first contact with Shiva Omicron IV. At the time the planet was engulfed in a civil war between the grey skinned Jerion inhabitants and the other cultures living on that world.

Grant decided to commit a massive violation of the Prime Directive by using his ship's phasers to stun the Jerion armies about to commit a massacre. The stunned Jerion were themselves killed by those who they were about to attack, and the planet's other inhabitants eventually committed genocide against the remaining Jerion.

The violation would soon become known as the Galahad Incident. Grant was stripped of his command, and court-martialed. At trial Grant stated his opinion on the "Human Directive" being the "Prime Directive." Grant was found guilty of violating the Prime Directive and was then imprisoned.

In the following years Starfleet used the Galahad Incident scenario to determine a person's competency to command a Starship. By the late the surviving inhabitants of Shiva Omicron IV began discussions with the Federation about joining as members.

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