Stanley Tucci as Joshua Joyce

Don't you get it? We don't need you anymore.
~ Joshua Joyce to Optimus Prime.

Joshua Joyce is the tertiary antagonist turned human protagonist of the 2014 film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. His overall roles are anti-hero, as he redeemed himself after his Transformers project went wrong and realized that Attinger has manipulated him for a delusional and selfish purpose.

He is portrayed by Stanley Tucci.


Joshua is the arrogant president of KSI. His company was hired by retired CIA agent Attinger to build artificial, remote-controlled Transformers due to Attinger wanting to hunt down the Autobots. Joshua himself thinks the Autobots are only junk compared to his creations. This was shown when Cade, Optimus Prime, and rest of the protagonists and Autobots talks to him for the first time, Joshua openly told them that earth no longer need actual Autobots anymore. However, when uses Galvatron to capture Optimus Prime, Galvatron briefly out of control due to Megatron's possession. Despite this, he though that it is just a technical problem.

Afterwards, Joshua slowly has a change of heart after briefly conversing with Cade Yeager whom tried to warn him of who Galvatron really is from what he learned from Optimus Prime along with seed that Attinger coveted all this time. This made Joshua starts to see Attinger for who he truly is based on the knowledge Cade gave him, in which remind him of errors that he had done. He confronts Attinger to question their mutual cooperation, only to having Attinger reveal that all this time, Attinger has manipulated him as a mere pawn for him (refer him nothing but a golden parachute for his success). Before even had a chance to cope with all of this, Galvatron reactivated along with other artificial transformers. He then betrays Attinger, took the seed away from him, and disobey Attinger's demand to re-controlled Galvatron.

A chase ensues in china, where he met with other human protagonists to help him took the seed away, but is ambushed by both Galvatron's army and Attinger's men. He helps both Autobots and Cade Yeager to fight Galvatron and his army. Fortunately for him, just as his hacked Transformers gain the upper hand, Autobots, with help of the Dinobots quickly overpowers them, and most of the hacked Transformers are killed, while others are escape.

After the battle, he promises Cade Yeager and his family that he'll help them get a new home. He also apparently discontinued his Transfomers project after a change of heart.


He is strict and demanding employer. His ambition made him use his genius to build own transformers, but his arrogance made him believe he can control them and blinded him from fact he was manipulated by both Attinger and Megatron. He's very afraid of death and does not see his mistakes until someone told him about them. This was shown where he often panic during the battle and choose to betray Attinger after realize both error he had done and realized that Galvatron has manipulate him.


  • Joshua Joyce is very similar to Seymour Simmons from the first three films, especially in the 2007 live action film. 
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