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Making new friends again I see. Arthur?
~ Josiah Trelawny greeting Arthur Morgan

Josiah Trelawny is a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Trelawny first appears after Arthur Morgan limps away from a bar fight in Valentine. Dutch van der Linde had found him loitering about town and Trelawny reveals he had been looking about Blackwater, where the gang had committed a bank robbery, and discovered that Sean MacGuire has been caught by a bounty hunter named Ike Skelding.

He, Charles Smith and Javier Escuella travel to Blackwater and are later joined by Arthur. Charles goes off scouting while Trelawny, Javier and Arthur stalk the boat carrying Sean. Trelawny distracts two bounty hunters by going up, pretending that his wife is sick and fainting, giving Arthur and Javier the chance to slit their throats. Trelawny then runs off.

Trelawny makes his second appearance in the back of a prison wagon in Rhodes after being caught in an illegal gold prospecting operation. Dutch manages to persuade the Sheriff into letting him out. Trelawny then gets caught by bounty hunters who kick the shit out of him and when rescued, decides to stay with the gang in the foreseeable future.

Trelawny later gets Arthur to join him on a stagecoach robbery. Leading Arthur to the train station, he introduces him to his friend, the train station clerk Alden, who is a "discouraged" man. Alden tips Arthur and Trelawny off on a stagecoach carrying opera singer Mrs Chester Damsen, Trelawny telling Arthur to try to keep things nonviolent.

Trelawny rides up to the stagecoach singing. He greets the guards and Mrs Damsen and tells them that he's preparing for a show, a benefit to build an opera house in Blackwater. Damsen stops the stagecoach and she talks to Trelawny, who claims he needs a mezzosoprano for the show and asks her to sing. She does so horribly, buying enough time for Arthur to loot the strongbox in the back, and Trelawny offers a fake date for the benefit.

In Saint Denis, Trelawny plots a heist at the the Grand Korrigan. He helps Javier get a job as a security guard, gets Leopold Strauss on board to help Arthur cheat and ensured that the card dealer would pass Arthur the right cards. He also makes Arthur clean up in a new suit and a clean shave, renting a stagecoach to take them in. Arthur wins big at poker against Desmond Blythe and Javier escorts him and the pit boss to the safe. After being disarmed, the pit boss pulls out a second pistol and is shot dead by Arthur. While they manage to loot the safe, the guard who Javier knocked out for his clothes shows up and the four have to escape by jumping into the water and swimming to shore.

Trelawny makes his final appearance at Beaver's Hallow. Realizing that Dutch is losing his mind and behaving erratically, he decides to pack up and leave the gang (as do almost everyone else in the gang later on). Arthur catches him, but lets him leave with his blessing. Trelawny thanks Arthur and calls him a "fine friend".

Trelawny is never seen again and is absent from his apartment in Saint Denis. While he presumably fled the state and the country with his family, it is also likely that he was arrested or killed by bounty hunters or Pinkerton detectives.



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