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You know why America loves a crime story? Because America is a crime story.
~ Josto's most famous line

Josto Fadda is the main antagonist of Season 4 of the FX series Fargo. He is the ruthless, power-hungry scion of the Fadda crime family who seeks to take over his father's criminal empire by any means necessary, including attempted fratricide and child murder.

He is portrayed by Jason Schwartzman, who also portrayed Gideon Gordon Graves in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Gag Halfrunt in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


In 1934, Fadda's father, Don Donatello Fadda, sent 10-year-old Josto to live with the Milligans, a rival crime family, for a year. While living with the Cannons, Josto was molested by the family's patriarch, Yiddles. Upon Josto's return, the Faddas wiped out the Milligans and took over their territory.

As an adult, Josto is the second-in-command of the Fadda crime family, his father Donatello's heir and right hand. He is also engaged to the daughter of Milvin Gillis, a wealthy local businessman, a purely political union designed to give Josto entrance into the legitimate business world in return for the Fadda family's union connections helping Gillis' campaign for governor.

Main timeline

In 1949, the Faddas swap sons with the Cannon crime family - Josto's little brother Zero for the Cannons' youngest son, Satchel. Josto wants to move on the Cannons, but Donatello forbids it. Shortly afterward, Donatello is shot in the neck by a child with a cap gun. Josto rushes him to the hospital, but they refuse to treat him because he is Italian. Josto takes Donatello to the public hospital, St. Bartholomew's, where they remove the pellet and sew him up. Josto orders two of his men to guard Donatello all night. He asks nurse Oraetta Mayflower for drugs, offering to share with her. While high, Josto says that it is hard to see his father in pain, and asks Oraetta to take care of him; Oraetta takes this as a request for her to kill Donatello, and euthanizes him that night.

Enraged, Josto orders his men to kill David Harvard, the doctor who had refused to treat Donatello. They bungle the hit, however, so Josto tells them to try again. This time, Josto's volatile older brother Gaetano tries to kill Harvard, only for Josto to order him to stand down. Josto also forbids Gaetano to move against the Cannon family, as this would violate their father's truce with Don Loy Cannon. This creates a rift between the brothers, who begin plotting against each other.

Meanwhile, Josto begins an affair with Oraetta based on their shared penchant for sadomasochistic sex. Josto falls in love with Oraetta, but when he tells her so, she gets angry and breaks up with him.

Gaetano goes behind Josto's back and orders the murder of Cannon's son Lemuel, which is foiled at the last second by caporegime Patrick "Rabbi" Milligan. Josto threatens to kill Gaetano for his insubordination, and has Loy's men arrested and visits them in jail, telling them to tell Cannon to surrender.

Josto learns that the bosses in New York were willing to help him on two conditions: settle the conflict with the Cannons, and make peace with his brother. When Gaetano is kidnapped by the Cannons, however, Josto gives him up for dead. He then orders button man Antoon Domini to kill Satchel. Rabbi kills Domini and saves Satchel's life, taking the boy with him on the run from Josto's assassins.

Josto meets with the Cannons, apparently to negotiate for Gaetano's release; he then surprises them by claiming that Gaetano killed Satchel, and that they could kill his older brother in return for releasing Zero. Loy asked for proof, but Josto said Calamita had taken the body with him. Loy ordered them both out.

Josto's conflict with Gaetano comes to a head when the brothers get into a fierce brawl in which they knock other unconscious. When they come to, however, they make peace, and celebrate their reunion with their mother, Chianna. They are interrupted by assassins working for Cannon, who open fire on them. Josto hides while Gaetano returns fire, scaring off the assassins. However, they soon realize that one of the men had fired inside the house and killed their mother.

Josto and several of his men are arrested by corrupt police officer Odis Weff, who had formerly been on Josto's payroll. After Josto makes bail, he puts a hit out on Weff, and then meet with Leon and Happy Cannon, who claim to be looking to make an alliance with him; unbeknownst to Josto, this is part of Loy Cannon's larger plan to destroy the Faddas.

Finally, Josto and Gaetano go themselves to kill Weff. After disposing of him, however, Gaetano trips and accidentally shoots himself in the head in front of a horrified Josto, who flees from his brother's corpse and goes into a days-long drinking binge to numb his grief.

Upon sobering up, Josto kills both David Harvard and Milvin Gillis, and burns their bodies. Later, as he sleeps at his desk, Josto is awakened and told Loy Cannon has been killed and the war is over. Josto leaves his room to find the entire Fadda family waiting for him, along with Oraetta. They accuse him of killing his brother and conspiring with Oraetta to kill his father, the latter claim supplied by Oraetta herself. Josto claims that Oraetta set him up, but they are both found guilty and taken away to be killed. Button man Joe Bulo drives them out to a hole dug in the middle of nowhere, where their bodies are to be buried. Josto tries to talk his way out of trouble, but Bulo is unimpressed, and shoots him dead after Oraetta asks him to kill Josto first so she can watch him die.

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