Josui Kusakabe


Josui Kusakabe was a member of the Japan Liberation Front (JLF) with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was also responsible for planning on executing the Japanese Liberation Front Hotel Incident. He had many hostages including Third Princess Euphemia li Britannia and the Ashford Academy Student Council members, Zero (Lelouch) arrived at the scene and Cornelia did not attack because she needed him to save her sister and the other Britannians. Kusakabe talked with Zero and did not need him anymore, so he lunged at the masked terrorist with his sword but failed to kill him. Zero used his Geass to force Kusakabe and his subordinates to kill themselves, while his men shot themselves and Josui Kusakabe stabbed himself with his sword, killing the JLF members at the hotel.

He was voiced by Masuo Amada in the Japanese version, and by Doug Stone in the English version.

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