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You have not much future there. It will happen this way. You may be walking. Maybe the first sunny day of the spring. And a car will slow beside you, and a door will open, and someone you know, maybe even trust, will get out of the car. And he will smile, a becoming smile. But he will leave open the door of the car and offer to give you a lift.
~ Joubert's warning to Joe Turner about the CIA.

G. Joubert is a freelance French assassin and serves as the main antagonist for much of the the 1974 thriller novel Six Days of the Condor by James Grady, as well as the novel's subsequent film adaptation Three Days of the Condor.

In the film version, he was portrayed by the late Max von Sydow.


For much of the story, Joubert serves as the story's main antagonist, working for a rogue member of the CIA in a conspiracy to illegally obtain oil, a conspiracy that Joe Turner (a junior CIA operative that serves as the story's main protagonist; portrayed in the film by Robert Redford) becomes mixed up in. However, as the story nears the end, Joubert has received a new contract and ends up assassinating his former superior, revealing he is now back with the CIA for the time being. After this, he gives Joe Turner a warning about the CIA and the measures they take to tie up loose ends, especially those who "know too much".

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