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Hector, this isn't personal.
~ Juan Bolsa to Hector Salamanca

Juan Bolsa, is a supporting antagonist in the AMC crime drama show Breaking Bad and its 2015 prequel Better Call Saul. He is a member of the cartel who had a partnership with Gustavo Fring for a while before the latter betrayed him and had him shot by federales. He is an employee of Don Eladio and the boss of Hector Salamanca.

He is portrayed by Javier Grajeda.


Better Call Saul

Hector and Gus meet at a location. Hector tells Bolsa that Eladio is happy with the new smuggling method of getting drugs over the border, and wants to continue using Gustavo Fring’s Los Pollos distribution chain. Hector smashes his phone, Because he wanted his method to be used. Hector's heart problems pop up, leading him to digest Nacho's spiked pills. However, the pills have no effect at all, and Hector leaves.

Breaking Bad

Season 3

After a secret meeting with the DEA, Tortuga is confronted by Bolsa and Hector Salamanca's nephews and Tuco Salamanca's cousins, Marco and Leonel Salamanca, at his bar. Bolsa comes in looking for Tortuga saying that he had a birthday present for him in the back. Tortuga follows Juan and is told that the tortoise on the ground is his gift. Tortuga is enthusiastic about his new gift given to him, but only until Bolsa signs it with the words "Hola DEA" ("Hello DEA") on the shell, making it clear that he knows Tortuga is a DEA informant. The Cousins, on the orders of Bolsa, decapitate Tortuga due to his betrayal to the Cartel. Later in the season, Juan Bolsa arranges a meeting between himself, Hector Salamanca, the Cousins, and Gus Fring. He tells Gus he will urge the Salamanca family to be patient, but advises that Gus risks losing the favor of the cartel if he does not conclude his business with Heisenberg quickly and that he cannot guarantee the Cousins will listen to reason to Bolsa any longer. To compromise, Gus allows 'The Cousins' that they can go after Walter's DEA brother-in-law Hank Schrader instead.

After the ambush on Hank leaves one Cousin dead and another in the hospital, Bolsa is confined to his home as Mexican federal agents are watching Bolsa closely due to pressure from the American government and the attack on the DEA agent's life. He suspects Gus of being responsible for the Cousins making a move on Hank, but cannot see the benefit to Gus as the pressure is delaying the drug shipments coming from across the border. He promises that he will get the surviving Cousin, Leonel, the best lawyer possible, and that he will get the truth of what actually happened.

But before Bolsa could get any evidence on Gus, Mike Ehrmantraut poisons the surviving cousin on order of Gus Fring to avoid Leonel telling Bolsa that it was Gus that allowed them to go after Hank. Later, Bolsa rings Gus to inform him about the second Cousins death and that he speculates that Gus is connected to death. Before Bolsa could finish the conversation with Gus over the phone, his hacienda was raided by Mexican Federal Police, killing both of Bolsa's bodyguards, and before he could escape, he was gunned down by an officer waiting for him behind the door.

Season 4

Juan Bolsa is seen during a flashback during the fourth season of Breaking Bad, showing Gustavo and Max's first meeting with Don Eladio, Hector and himself to form a partnership with the Júarez Cartel. The three cartel leaders then procced to mock Gustavo and Max for their claims that meth will make them millions in the global drug-trade. But after Hector shoots Gus' friend Max, Bolsa helps restrain Gus after Max is murdered by Hector for his disrespectful actions towards the cartel.


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