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Juan Corrida is a minor posthumous antagonist in Ace Attorney: Justice For All, appearing as the victim of the game's final case "Farewell, My Turnabout". He was a famous actor with a well documented rivalry with Matt Engarde who was assassinated by Shelly de Killer under Engarde's orders.


Engarde and Corrida were fierce rivals, always trying to one-up one another. While both their shows were doing well, they couldn't put aside their mutual hatred. Juan started dating Celeste Inpax, Matt's former manager and lover, until Matt revealed that the two of them had previously dated. Not wanting Engarde to have a point over him, Corrida cruelly called off their engagement, leading to Inpax killing herself. Corrida forged her suicide note to use as blackmail against Engarde.

On the day of the awards ceremony, Corrida was going to read the forged letter to destroy Engarde's reputation. Terrified of what would happen if the letter got out, Engarde hired an assassin to kill Corrida. His crime scene was tampered with by Adrian Andrews in an effort to frame Engarde for the murder.

During the trial, these secrets were revealed and Corrida and Engarde's reputations were ruined. While nobody thought he deserved to die, the only person who truly missed him was Wendy Oldbag.

Corrida also was gifted many bear toys by his fans. Matt Engarde took advantage of that and gave him one with a camera inside it, that would capture the exact moment Shelly De Killer assassinated him. Ironically, this brought justice to Engarde as De Killer announced he would now be trying to assassinate Engarde, forcing Engarde to confess to his part in Corrida's murder. While their rivalry ended in a stalemate, Corrida inadvertedly got his revenge.


Corrida was handsome, popular, and successful. He was well loved by many women, from Wendy Oldbag to Celeste Inpax. Like Matt Engarde, he was shallow, hedonistic, and overly competitive.

He however had a darker side, as he was willing to do anything to get a point over Engarde. This included dumping his fiance because Engarde had dated her. While Corrida was horrified by Inpax's suicide, he was still willing to take advantage of it to one-up his rival.


  • Corrida is the second villainous victim in the game, with the first being Turner Grey. Corrida is far less evil than Matt Engarde, who along with Morgan Fey, is generally agreed to be the most despicable character in the game.


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