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Juan Lozano is a major antagonist in Season 3 of the television series The Shield. He later returns as a minor antagonist in Season 4.


Season 3

Juan is first seen being interrogated by Vic and the strike team for the location of some of the Armenian money, when his partner Ricky tells them where they hid the money, Juan and Ricky go to move the money to different location, however Aceveda arrives and pulls a gun on Ricky but Juan jumps Aceveda and takes his gun. Juan decides to rape Aceveda and get a photo of it, Juan might have also killed Aceveda but Vic and the strike arrive before he gets a chance to. Aceveda eventually tracks down Juan and kills Ricky in the process. Vic and the strike team worry that Aceveda might be on to them and later send a hitman to kill Juan, however Juan kills the hitman. Aceveda interrogates Juan's girlfriend for his location, he later tracks Juan down and briefly considers killing him, but ultimately decides to spare him and take him in. Vic and the strike team are relieved to find out that Aceveda had his own reasons for pursuing Juan which had nothing to do with the strike team when they see him take Juan immediately to interrogation and turn off the camera. Juan taunts Aceveda about the rape, Aceveda then tells him that he deleted the photo, while Juan claims to have copied it, but Aceveda downplays it, claiming Juan is too stupid to copy a photo, just as Juan claims he is going to tell everyone he raped Aceveda, Aceveda gains the upper hand with his own leverage against Juan, and is able to silence Juan for good.

Season 4

While Juan is not present, or even mentioned for most of the season, Aceveda continues to struggle with being raped to the point that he enters a violent relationship with a prostitute, at one point even reenacting the rape, but he is eventually able to get over it and ends his relationship with the prostitute. However, Juan contacts Aceveda, telling him he has a court date coming up, and is going to tell everyone that he raped Aceveda unless he helps him get released, claiming he has no leverage over Juan, however Aceveda is skeptical and assures that no one will believe Juan, his girlfriend later attempts to get Aceveda to admit he was raped on tape, which further makes Aceveda believe Juan has no leverage over him. However, not wanting to take any chances, believing that Juan simply claiming it could be bad for him, decides to make a deal with Antwon Mitchell to have Juan killed in prison in exchange for having him released, and as such, Antwon murders Juan in prison. However, he ends up going to prison anyway.

Season 5

Juan is briefly mentioned by John Kavanaugh, who believes Aceveda to be connected with the strike team, Kavanaugh suspects Aceveda of having Juan killed in prison, but does not know why and is unable to prove it.

Season 6

As it turns out, Cruz Pezuela had a backup photo of the rape, and gave it to Vic to use as leverage against Aceveda, he initially dismisses it as a fake but Vic is able to connect the dots, Vic eventually gives the photo to Aceveda as a sign of trust between the two and work to take down Pezuela for good.

Season 7

Neither Juan nor the rape are ever mentioned again after that, and with Ricky and Juan both dead, Antwon Mitchell and John Kavanaugh imprisoned, Pezuela in Witness protection, and Vic discredited and stricken to a desk job due to an immunity deal, the public never finds out that Aceveda was raped, nor that Aceveda had Juan Killed.


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