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You can't stop me anymore, Ashe. You haven't got the power. There's nothing but pain for you now.
~ Judah Earl taunting Ashe.

Judah Earl is the main antagonist of the 1996 dark fantasy/action film The Crow: City of Angels.

He was portrayed by Richard Brooks.


Judah is a ruthless L.A drug kingpin who (along with his blind prophetess Sybil) is a practitioner of the Occult. He is also the leader of the gang that killed Ash Coven and his son Danny, after they witnessed them murdering a fellow drug dealer.

The film’s novelization provides him with a backstory. When Judah was a boy, he went ice skating on a frozen lake with his mother and father. While skating, he fell through the ice and drowned. He was 'dead' for half an hour before being resuscitated in hospital, but he wasn't the same innocent boy he was before. He had been to the other side and returned with forbidden knowledge.  This experience has left Judah believing he has been living on borrowed time ever since, and he has become obsessed with the notion that Death is coming for him.

In the film, Judah oversees the deaths of Ashe and Danny Corven from his vehicle as he gives his minion Kali the green light to kill them both (Ashe and Danny had accidentally witnessed members of Judah's gang beating and murdering one of his rival drug dealers). After learning that the source of Ashe's immortality and power is from the crow and that by killing the crow, Ashe will be reduce to the mortality of a living man, Judah kidnaps Ashe’s friend Sarah in order to force Ashe to find him so that he can capture the crow himself. Judah captures the crow, pinning it to the table by stabbing its' wings before impaling it in the chest (This severely weakens Ashe, who falls off the wall of Judah's lair while scaling it). Judah drinks the crow's blood, gaining the invulnerability and prepares to hang Ashe up by his neck while whipping him in front of the Day of the Dead celebrators. Sarah saves Ashe by stabbing Judah in the forehead with a knife, but he pulls it out and impales Sarah in the stomach, mortally wounding her. Ashe tackles Judah into a pipe and impales him through the stomach, as he laughs and gloats to Ashe, who cannot defeat him. Ashe commands a murder of crows flying in the sky above as they devour Judah and kill him.


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