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Judas Iscariot (The Cleveland Show)

Judas Iscariot

Strike two, Judas!
~ Jesus after being betrayed again.

Judas Iscariot is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sitcom The Cleveland Show, only appearing via cutaway gag, in the episode "Brown Magic". In it, he betrays Jesus Christ for the second time. He is based off of the religious figure of the same name.

He was voiced by Will Forte.


Rallo realized that Cleveland has been taking all the credit for puppetry performances, that were done by both of them. Especially on account of Rallo doing most of that work, he had the right to feel betrayed. He then states to feel more betrayed than Jesus Christ, after what Judas did to him.

A cutaway gag shows Jesus and Judas waiting outside of someone's house while a party goes on. Jesus brought a jug of wine, which he plans on giving out as a refreshment, hoping that it will help him get on the good side of Tammy, the girl hosting the party, who he has a crush on. After knocking on the door, Judas asks if he could see that jug of wine for a second. He grabs it from Jesus the second before Tammy opens the door. Judas then takes credit for the jug of wine and Tammy is gratified, and thanks him for it. She allows Judas in, but when Jesus tries to follow, and before he can go anything, Tammy stops him and rudely says "Hey, Jesus.", before slamming the door in his face. Infuriated, Jesus calls out "Strike two, Judas!", noting this as Judas' second betrayal.

At the party, Judas supposedly had a good time, becomes popular for his wine, and even "scores" with Tammy, like Jesus wished to and deserved to do.


Judas is a light-skinned Middle Eastern man with curly brown hair, connected to his beard. He has a blue robe and a lighter blue sash and dark brown wooden sandals.


Judas' personality is modernized, making him act more like a high school or college student from the 20th-21st century, as opposed to a common peasant from the 1st century.


  • In the The Cleveland Show universe, Judas is in love with a Roman-era girl named Tammy, who he competed with love rival, Jesus Christ for.
  • Despite taking place in the same universe, Judas' appearance in The Cleveland Show, greatly differs from his appearance in Family Guy, with him having darker skin, youthful colored hair instead of gray hair, and a blue robe instead of a brown one.


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