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Howard: So this is the cowboy's tenth time here at the games. He's become a regular fan favorite with his flashy moves and lightning-fast quick draws!
Kreese: Howard, I hate that prick. When we fought that dirty bastard kicked me with the spurs and tore my scrotum!
Howard: Hm.
Kreese: You know my nuts unraveled like two balls of yarn. You know how f***ing long two balls of yarn is?!
~ Howard and Kreese on Jude the Dude.
Well howdy, rookie!
~ Jude the Dude

Jude the Dude is the second boss in the videogame Madworld. He is ranked 124th on DeathWatch.


Jude the Dude is a cowboy-based boss that's slightly taller than Jack Cayman. He wears a cowboy outfit, wears skate boots with abnormally large spurs. He always carries two gun.


According the Howard "Buckshot" Holmes, Jude has been in the games 10 times has become a regular fan favorite, due to his fancy moves, and lightning fast quick draws. However Kreese Kreeley hates Jude the Dude. According to Kreese, both he and Jude fought each other before, but when they fought, Jude kicked Kreese with his spurs and tore his scrotum.

Jude the Dude is a cowboy-based boss that skates. He fights by skating on top of rails, while trying to shoot Jack. When he runs out he tries to kick Jack with his spurs. During the power struggle, Jude the Dude shoots two bullets at the same time, horizontally, or vertically. The less health he has the longer and more complicated the power struggle gets. After Jude the Dude losses all of his health, Jack takes Jude's guns and rapidly shoots Jude until he's a skeleton. Jack then shoots Jude one more time causing his body to explode.





  • Jude the Dude is currently the only boss with a deleted Finisher. Jack grabs Jude's guns and shoves them into Jude's rear. He then lifts up Jude and shoots his bullets until Jude is shot up in the air making him explode.
  • Even though Jude the Dude gets killed during the boss battle, it's been hinted that Jude the Dude is still alive. There's a rumor that one of the mini-bosses; Death Blade and Jude the Dude are the same person, due to both of them mainly fighting while skating, and due to the fact Death Blade is a skeleton, which was Jude was reduced too.
  • It's also hinted that Jude might be gay.
  • Jude the Dude is the only MadWorld boss that uses firearms.


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