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Judge Hotah is a minor antagonist in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. He was assigned to be the judge during a trial after Tonraq, Senna and Southern Water Tribe Rebels were arrested for attempted assassination. Even though Hotah was said to be the fairest judge, it turned out that he was secretly working for Unalaq.

He was voiced by Tom Kane.


When Tonraq, Senna, and Rebel of the Southern Water Tribe were arrested for attempted assassination on Unalaq, they were all placed on trial. Unalaq told Korra that he personally hired the "fairest" judge he could find. Despite what Unalaq had claimed, all except for Senna were found guilty for the act of treason, and the crime for treason is punished by death. Enraged, Korra threated to kill Judge Hotah if he didn't change the sentence. With that gesture, Unalaq managed to "convince" Hotah to reconsider the sentence. With that, Hotah lowered the sentence to life in prison.

Later that day, Korra and her pet polar bear-dog named Naga chased down Hotah and confronted him. Korra demanded to release her father and the rebels from the prison, but Hotah replied by saying that the trial was rigged by Unalaq. He also told her that Unalaq did this so he could earn Korra's trust and get his brother out of their way. Hotah even said that Unalaq was responsible for Tonraq's banishment in the first place. After hearing this, Korra and her friends decided to bust Tonraq and the Rebels out of prison. What happened to Judge Hotah after this incident is currently unknown.


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