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Judgement is the final antagonist of Helltaker. Judgement is the female demon that the titular Helltaker encounters on the final stage to obtain his demon harem. Having the moniker of The High Prosecutor, Judgement herself is a demon who tried to punish those who attempted to cause a ruckus in Hell such as the Helltaker himself, and she is shown to be a rather sadistic and sadomasochistic demon who practically dedicates herself to her job.


Judgement herself has a long albeit messy and standing white ponytail hair just like a blazing fire, black horns protruding from her head and a demon tail just like other demons. However, unlike the other demons that have white skin and dress modestly, she has a darker skin color and wearing a revealing black jacket that shows most of her body parts and a bra. She also wears a red armband with "XX" written on it, iron gloves on both sides of her hands and a black panty. The outfit that she wears fit her kinky yet sadistic personality and theme as "The High Prosecutor" who tortures the intruders of Hell. In the comics, it is shown that she wears a rather modest clothes with red shirt and a black pants just like some other casts such as Lucifer.


Judgement herself can be described as a demon with no indoor voice and a lust for killing and torturing several sinners in Hell as she has no hesitations to punish several people who commit transgression. When it comes to punishing them, Judgement has no hesitations on seemingly ignoring her superiors' orders such as when Lucifer attempts to stop her; Judgement ignores her pleas to continue torturing the Helltaker. She also has a kink to self-torture as she intentionally attempts to bind herself with her own chains, this is rather understandable as she perceives herself as the avatar of pain.

Despite this however, it is stated by Vanripper himself that Judgement is actually the kindest of all demons as it was revealed that her sadistic persona that she had showed the Helltaker was just an act, and she is just a demon who is dedicated to her own job as Hell's Prosecutor to punish several sinners. Her kindness was also shown when she ended up being defeated by the Helltaker as she gracefully accepts it, joins his harem and also postponing his sentences for a few more years as she also requests him to not disturb Hell again in peace.

In the comics, it is also shown that she also has a soft spot as she does enjoy some content related to cute animals evidenced by Lucifer offering her to watch said content that was marathoned in the cinemas. In addition, due to her job as a prosecutor, she has no hesitations to punish the demons who committed some mischief such as Modeus and Cerberus by tying them and also having a huge annoyance when the angels from heaven continue to spy on her and other demons.


When the Helltaker attempts to escape from Hell alongside his brand new demon companions, a mysterious assailant prevents him from escaping via Hell's Gate by chaining him and burning his flesh with hellfire from the bones. Although it was revealed that the Helltaker survived the torture, the mysterious assailant then reveals herself to be none other than Judgement, the High Prosecutor who tries to punish the Helltaker after he infiltrated Hell and caused much ruckus just to make his demon harem a reality.

Because of this, Judgement decides to spend more time with him together by torturing him using a "Sin Machine". As the Helltaker tries to sabotage the machine by hitting Chains of Superbia for the first time, she becomes thrilled and orders him to surrender to her.

When the Helltaker sabotages the machine again, Judgement taunts him by saying that he has become his own worst torturer because of his ego, greed and lust binding him like a chain. After sabotaging it thrice, Judgement simply taunts him by saying that she hopes it can lead to despair and it is a delightful thing to see according to her. Annoyed by this charade, Lucifer attempts to stop Judgement to no avail as Judgement tries to finish her job much to Lucifer's annoyance as no one ever listens to her.

However, despite the Helltaker's attempts at sabotaging the sin machine and Judgement's attempts in making him regret everything he has ever done, he ended up complimenting Judgement's appearance as he seemingly tries to save himself. Despite Judgement knowing that it won't save the Helltaker from his own nasty fate, she actually thanked him before returning his torture with her sin machine.

After the Helltaker sabotages her sin machine for the last time, she asks him for his last words before the real pain for him begins. Despite this, the Helltaker still compliments her appearance much to her annoyance as it made her job difficult. This leads to her accepting her defeat while ordering the Helltaker and his demon harem to leave Hell and never disturb it again, while also postponing his sentences for a few more years.

However, before the Helltaker leaves Hell, he then asks Judgement to join his harem which she found baffling at first because he will remain with "The Avatar of Pain" under the same roof. But in the end, she ends up accepting the Helltaker's offer to join his harem, saying it doesn't seem that bad.

Towards the end of the game, as the Helltaker and his brand new companions that he made in Hell successfully return home, Judgement attempts to attack the intruders who are revealed to be none other than the SWAT team trying to hunt Cerberus who caused a ruckus in the city. However, the Helltaker decides to answer while giving Judgement pancakes. In the comics, Judgement punishes Cerberus in the Halloween season by tying them as they attempt to corrupt the kids who tried to trick-or-treat at the Helltaker's house.

As the Helltaker was trapped in the abyss alongside Beelzebub, at one point she punishes both Modeus and Cerberus for some misdemeanor with the former seemingly claim that she won't test some experimental love potion towards the Hellepizza deliveryman. As both Judgement and Justice went into shopping, Judgement then tells Justice that despite that she doesn't mind taking a vacation on Earth, she becomes annoyed with the angels that spied on them in which Justice replied that if Heaven want to stop them, they could do so long ago. Although in the end, it was revealed that one of the Angels were short-sighted as she couldn't separate between the real thing and the fake one. At one point, Lucifer then offers Judgement to watch a marathon about cute talking animals in the cinema for six hours in which Judgement agrees and decided to accompany Lucifer to the cinema.



  • Out all of the demons, she, Zdrada, Lucifer and Beelzebub are the only ones who have animated sprites.
  • It is stated jokingly by Vanripper that Judgement's design is inspired by characters from Vanripper's favorite games Guilty Gear, Darksiders and Undertale. However, it is unknown which characters he took inspiration form.
  • Judgement is the nicest of all demons and all of her sadistic persona were revealed to be an act that she plays due to her job.

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