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Judith Berry is a commune member and the main antagonist in the second season of the horror anthology series Slasher. She was the mother of Owen Turnbull, the counselor that The Motega Five framed for Talvinder's death. As a result of this, Owen hanged himself in prison, but not before asking his mom to make the ones responsible pay.

She was portrayed by Leslie Hope. Stunts were potrayed by Bernadette Courture.


Early life

Judith was the mother of Owen Turnbull, a counselor for a summer camp in Canada called Camp Motega. However, one night, a group of counselors killed another counselor they were having problems with. Afraid of going to prison, the counselors hid the body and framed Owen by putting a necklace belonging to the deceased, in his laundry basket. He was arrested and charged with murder, but knew the truth. Years later, he wrote a letter to his mother asking for her to avenge him and committed suicide by hanging himself with bed sheets. As a result of her son's suicide, she developed a homicidal and vengeful personality in her head known as Wren.

"Six Feet Under"

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"Between Good and Evil"

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"Saint Sebastian"

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"Night of Hunters"

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"Out of the Frying Pan"

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"Dawn of the Dead"

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"The Past is Never Dead"

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  • 1. Gene | Chopped up with a chainsaw.
  • 2. Andi Criss | Tied to poles, stabbed in the neck, bled out.
  • 3. Susan Lam | Eyes gouged out with a broken pipe, neck broken.
  • 4. Antoine | Mutilated with an auger.
  • 5. Megan McCallister | Poisoned.
  • 6. Noah Jenkins | Burned alive, died from injuries later.
  • 7. Renee | Shot and run over with a snowmobile.
  • 8. Mark Rankin | Shot in the head.
  • 9. Janice | Shot multiple times.
  • 10. Peter Broome | Forced to hang himself.



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