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She's a real carpenter's dream: flat as a board and needs a screw!
~ Judy about Angela Baker

Judy was a mean-spirited popular girl and the secondary antagonist of the film, Sleepaway Camp.

She was portrayed by Karen Fields.


Judy attended Camp Arawak and had a summer fling with Ricky Thomas.

Judy was getting ready for bed when a figure appears looking right at her. The figure approaches Judy slowly and knocks her out with a single punch. While she is temporarily unconscious, the attacker grabs her curling iron and switches it on. Then, the attacker puts a pillow over her head as the shadow of himself on the wall is seen slowly moving the hot curling iron toward her underside. She awakens under the pillow as we see the shadows on the wall again when the killer forces the curling iron into her vagina. The shadow of Judy's arms appear on the wall with her hands clinching as she screams into the pillow in agonizing pain before dying of suffocation. Her body is then put under her cabin bed.


  • Judy is arguably the film's secondary antagonist, being the 'camp bitch,' as Angela is the main protagonist and antagonist.
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