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Judy Brown

Judy Brown was a villainess from "The Third Man," episode 2.23 of NCIS: New Orleans.

She was portrayed by Kaitlyn Black.


Judy Brown was married to Arthur Brown, but as later revealed, they were foreign agents posing as a married couple. As part of their sinister mission, the couple targeted and killed Navy Master Diver Charles Greene, and attempted to kill another Navy soldier, Michael Buckley, but only wounded him with a crossbow. Judy suffered a lacerated kidney during the attempt, and when the couple was encountered by Chris LaSalle and Sonja Percy, the villainess claimed that her injuries were the result of a car accident.

However, once that story didn't pan out, Judy ordered her husband to escape, leading to a shootout between Arthur and the NCIS agents. Judy was later arrested and taken into custody by Percy and LaSalle, and later refused to reveal the whereabouts of Arthur. After a threat from Homeland Security Agent John Russo, Judy gave up Arthur, but it was later revealed as a trap, as Arthur entered and fired shots at Meredith Brody, in an attempt to break his wife out of custody.

After Arthur was shot and killed by Dwayne Pride, Judy was taken by Russo to DHS. However, the episode ended with Russo being revealed as the Browns' contact; as he chastised Judy for blowing their mission. Russo later gave Judy a poisoned pill for her to consume, resulting in Judy's suicide and death.