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The Juggernaut is an antagonistic character who appears in the Call of Duty series.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The Juggernaut's exact origin is unknown but they are possibly mercenaries. They are clad in heavy-duty bomb disposal armour and carry light machine guns. These allow them to both sustain and inflict inordinate amounts of damage before they finally perish.

Juggernauts do not appear in the story or multiplayer mode, but are seen in Spec Ops, during the missions Snatch and Grab, Armour Piercing, High Explosive and Estate Takedown. Once they spawn, an ominous bass drum plays to alert players of their presence. They will charge at the player upon spawning and will ignore cover unlike most antagonists. An extremely powerful weapon is best suited to take them down - for example, the Barrett M82 sniper rifle and the Desert Eagle pistol. Launchers can potentially be most devastating and can in fact kill them with a single headshot - weapons like the M79, RPG-7 and AT4 are most destructive. Claymores and C4 are also invaluable when tacking these behemoths. Juggernauts are not scripted to employ melee attacks, even if players get too close; they will merely spray and prey with their weapons.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Juggernauts again reappear in Modern Warfare 3. They are seen in story, multiplayer and Spec Ops modes in this game.

In the campaign, they are only present in the last mission 'Dust to Dust', and the player can physically control a protective suit such as the one they use in the previous game. This heavy armour is however lost halfway through the mission.

In multiplayer, there are 2 variants of the Juggernaut. First the Assault class carries a light machine gun and is built to attack the enemy. The second one is the Support class which has a riot shield and a permanent portable radar. Both have inordinate health amounts, but owing to the riot shield, the Support Juggernaut may possibly be one of the hardest units to defeat.

As for Spec Ops, Juggernauts can be seen in both survival and missions mode.


Juggernauts appear during certain waves in survival. There are 3 distinct variants: the normal Juggernaut, which is the weakest, the Riot Shield Jugg which has a Riot Shield, and the Armoured Juggernaut that is significantly taller than a regular Juggernaut and is decked out in even heavier armour. They will charge straight for the player as they did in MW2, and are weakest against explosives such as C4, Claymores, the Predator Missile and the Precision Airstrike. Unlike the MW2 variants, Juggernauts will now melee players.


Juggernauts are both playable and antagonistic characters in this mode. Playable versions are seen in Toxic Paradise and Invisible Threat.

Enemy Juggernauts are encountered in Toxic Paradise and Server Crash.


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