Juggo is a character in "Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja" normally a harmless student who dresses like a clown, every so often he gets humilated so much that he falls victim of the Sorcerers dark magic, turning him into a monster,

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Villainous History

In "So you Think you Can Stank?" He competed in the talent contest, following Howard very rudely insulting his act, he was overcome with misery, and thus became the victim of the Sorcerer. In his monster form he went on a rampage and battled Randy, using his juggling pins as ranged weapons. Randy managed to turn him back to normal.

In "Der Monster Klub" following Randy accidentally revealing the secret of how to become a monster, to the Der Monster Klub, Julian quickly took advantage of this, and revealed a highly embarrassing secret about him, overcome with humiliation, he transformed into a monster. He thus went on a rampage, with the other members, and took revenge on his local bully. Randy fought him along with the other members of the Klub. He managed to defeat him along with the rest of the club, and fortunately due to the change he forgot the secret.

In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" following the chess team, losing there annual tornament, against McFists chess playing Robot, overcome with grief he was transformed into a monster and went on a rampage. Randy managed to keep him at bay, and he was returned to normal when Howard beat the robot.

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