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The Jukebox Hildon is one of two main antagonists (the other is a Speaker Jamen) in episode 24 of 2020 TV series called Mashin Sentai Kiramager. The Jukebox Hildon is a jukebox-themed Hildon Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, released from the invasion gate created from the dark energy gathered by Speaker Jamen.


The Jukebox Hildon made its first appearance after the destruction of its master as it arrived in the city prompting the team to bring out Kiramazin and GigantDriller to battle this monstrosity.

During the initial fight the Jukebox Hildon used this ability fires out a bunch of discs at the mechas as they try their best to destroy them. Takamichi volunteers to destroy the discs, but the Jukebox Hildon fires another round of discs proving it that it was too fast for this man to destroy them all as he was down for the count. So Juru brought out Zabyun to help them out in this musical battle and on cue the disc that was fired were sent back to the Jukebox Hildon as it go the damage from the said ability.

Now the true fight really begins as Kiramazin used Zabyun in its Gun & Screw Cannon Mode and began to open fire on the Jukebox Hildon. After that (now in Spear Mode) the Jukebox Hildon was then destroyed by this finisher called Zabyun Big Wave Lancer.


  • The Jukebox Hildon is similar to the Karaoke Org from 2001 TV series called Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
    • Unlike Karaoke Org (which was modeled after a karaoke machine), Jukebox Hildon is modeled after a jukebox (which in turn makes it the first jukebox-themed monster in Super Sentai history).


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