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Julia is a villainous soldier in the Rebel Army under Allen Jr. and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.

It is hinted at several points that she and Allen Jr. are in a romantic relationship.


Extra Ops

Same Direction

After Allen Jr. retreats from the battlefield following his repeated defeat from Walter Ryan and goes to take a shower, Julia finds Allen J.r and shames him for abandoning his soldiers, as well as allowing the enemy to cpture Formor+ and Keesi III+. After scolding Allen into returning to the battlefield, Julia and him drive out the Regular Army forces.

Julia is then informed that they've taken back the Formor+ and Keesi III+. Julia prepares to address the men, but Allen Jr. interrupts her and takes credit for the victory, claiming that he left to find her and that the retreat saved their soldiers from becoming prisoners. Though their men are skeptical, Julia then "agrees" and calls him a genius, convincing them of Allen Jr.'s claims As they celebrate, Jr. lifts Julia up in front of them and asks to share a shower with him, to which Julia responds by slapping him on his cheek.

United Front the 3rd

After the Rebel Army retreats from a skirmish with the "Anti-Rebel Army" volunteers, Julia asks Allen Jr. if he saw a girl's thighs, which he quickly denies. She almost throws him off the vehicle but doesn't because he took a shot for her earlier in battle and instead thanks him for it.

Protection of the Fortress

Julia goes on a mission with Allen O' Neil to visit the Amadeus Syndicate headquarters. During the trip, Julia rather obliviously refers to him as "future father-in-law". When the two arrive, however, they are attacked by White Baby, who was interested in the "toys" Allen brought along. Knowing they are outmatched, Allen and Julia retreat.

Auto Battle

Julia took part in a joint practice with the Amadeus Syndicate alongside Allen Jr. and Emma. In the practice match, the three and their forces face off against the Amadeus version of Shoe and Karn. Julia examines their forces and finds no signs of human life, fascinating Emma on how the Amadeus Syndicate makes unmanned units. Julia asks Emma what she finds special about the machines, to which Emma states that, if the conditions are right, one can continually recycle a machine with no cost while humans only have one life and can feel pain. The practice then commences and the Rebels quickly run out of ammo. Julia's forces are pinned down by Shoe and Karn and, despite it being a practice battle, she hopes that Allen Jr. will decide to surrender.

Great Flower

Julia accompanies Dolores in driving off attack from the Regular Army. While the two are beating back the Regular forces, Julia asks Dolores why she is obsessed with with the General. Dolores then decisively defeats a group of Regular Army troops that just arrived with her "Great Flower", causing Julia to comment on how impressive her flower is. Dolores tells her that she is the second person to say that and reveals how, in the past, a group of Rebel soldiers mocked Dolores for her flowers. Morden then came in and complimented Dolores for her flower. Hearing this makes Julia believe that she has a cute side, something Dolores denies before ordering her to get the Regular forces out of the way. Ralf then shows up and challenges them with his new Augensterm, but Dolores defeats him. Raif vows that he will defeat Dolores one day, to which Dolores responds that she'll beat him each time. Julia notes that he is persistent, while Dolores states that all resistance is futile against her flower.


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