Julia is a villainous soldier in the Rebel Army under Allen Jr. and a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack.

It is hinted at several points that she and Allen Jr. are in a romantic relationship.


Extra Ops

Same Direction

After Allen Jr. retreats from the battlefield following his repeated defeat from Walter Ryan and goes to take a shower, Julia finds Allen J.r and shames him for abandoning his soldiers, as well as allowing the enemy to cpture Formor+ and Keesi III+. After scolding Allen into returning to the battlefield, Julia and him drive out the Regular Army forces.

Julia is then informed that they've taken back the Formor+ and Keesi III+. Julia prepares to address the men, but Allen Jr. interrupts her and takes credit for the victory, claiming that he left to find her and that the retreat saved their soldiers from becoming prisoners. Though their men are skeptical, Julia then "agrees" and calls him a genius, convincing them of Allen Jr.'s claims As they celebrate, Jr. lifts Julia up in front of them and asks to share a shower with him, to which Julia responds by slapping him on his cheek.

Great Flower

Julia accompanies Dolores in driving off attack from the Regular Army.


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