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You think you're so smart, the Brain, which is barely a name, by the way, but I'm far more clever! More hard-working. I only sometimes get into fights on Goodreads. THE ONLY PART OF ULYSSES THAT IS WORTH READING IS THE LAST CHAPTER, AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!
~ Julia Brain insulting the Brain.

J-37, better known as Julia and Julia Brain when married to the Brain is a recurring antagonist within the Pinky and the Brain segments of the Animaniacs reboot. Initially a well meaning and caring mouse who disapproved of the abuse Pinky endures, she eventually becomes the Brain's worst rival. Due to a malfunctioning mind controlling-device connected to her cerebrum, her personality now incorporates both Pinky's insanity and the Brain's calculating nature.

She is voiced by the well-known stand-up comedian Maria Bamford.


Mousechurian Candidate

Initially, Julia was an ordinary mouse until passing a test that the the Brain set up for her. Upon which, he puts her into a chamber to evolve her to be like him and Pinky to be his wife and assist him in winning an election, giving herself the name Julia upon reaching agreement.

However, Julia becomes a popular write-in candidate who wins by a landslide, forcing the Brain to change his plans and plant a microchip in Julia which he uses to control her into getting him in power. However, she manages to resist the chip to the point that she runs out.

The Brain assumes that the chip fried her the Brain turning her back into an ordinary mouse. However, it is shown she is actually plotting revenge against the Brain.

Reichenthe Brain Falls

In an attempt to take the Brain's plans, Julia kidnaps Pinky and creates a disguise out of paper mache to impersonate him and get the code out of the the Brain. However, the Brain eventually sees through her disguise when she starts acting very differently from Pinky. Upon which, Julia attempts to dip the Brain into molten cheese. However, Pinky manages to escape and save the Brain prompting a fight between the Brain and Julia. Eventually, Julia steals the Brain's rocket and uses it to escape, only for the rocket to explode due to being faulty.

Afterward, she is snatched by a bird which she manages to tame and fly off on, all while swearing to return.


  • Due to the Brain's uncharacteristic brainwashing, abuse and torture inflicted upon her, she is considered completely justified in her revenge against him and is perhaps not only the most vengeful, but the most sympathetic villain the Brain has ever crossed paths with, and of his own making.
  • Maria Bamford herself is famous for making jokes concerning mental illness, playing different personas and changing her voice multiple times during a performance, which may contribute to casting her as Julia.


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