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It looks like some bubblegum got stuck on dumb and dumber.
~ Julia at the second episode.

Julia Cooper is the main antagonist of the Spanish animated series PINY: Institute of New York.


Julia is the leader of the Beautiful People and also the self - proclaimed "Queen of the institute". She is very competitive and is not used to losing. She likes to create her own fashion designs, something that is usually really well received. The arrival of Michelle, the new student may spell the end of her reign. She is also the biggest rival of Michelle Fairchild, the protagonist of the series. Her friends are Rita Finucci and Dory Skornik.


Julia is the spoiled, bratty, and popular leader of the Beautiful People team. She plans on the elimination of Michelle.


Julia has pure blonde hair, emerald green eyes,a black & white T-shirt with a stripy dark and light pink tie and a pink heart brooch.


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