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You're going to give me that dong, Dale. You're going to f--k my slutty little mouth.
~ Dr. Julia Harris.

Dr. Julia Harris is one of the two secondary antagonists (along with Bobby Pellitt) in the 2011 film Horrible Bosses, and a minor antagonist/anti-heroine in Horrible Bosses 2. She is the most recurring villain in the franchise, along with David Harken.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Aniston in her first villainous role.


Dr. Harris is a manipulative and aggressive boss who sexually harasses (and is presumably attracted to) her subordinate Dale on a regular basis. Dale loves his fiancée and intended to save himself for marriage. She also took compromising photos of him while passed out and threatened to release them to Dale's fiancée and tell his fiancée he's had sex with her unless he agreed to actually have sex with her (in essence, she blackmailed him). Because Dr. Harris was posing a threat to Dale's marriage, he plotted to kill her, along with his friends' bosses. Dale's friend Kurt was assigned to stake out and kill Dr. Harris, but on the night he was watching her, she undressed deliberately and provocatively as if she knew someone was watching her then performed oral sex gestures on a popsicle, a banana and a hot dog while watching. She succeeds in seducing Kurt and invites him into her apartment to have sex. When the trio are fleeing from Harken, Dr. Harris engages in a phone call with Dale whilst having a bath and asks him to explicitly describe to her how he is going to have sex with her. Dale, though reluctant in the moment, describes he's going to have coitus with her, let her get a blowjob from him, shove his head inside her rectum, rub his butt against hers into oblivion, and lastly "dance on her boobies and jump up and down on her butt". This makes her happy and she tells him she would see him tomorrow and calls him a "dirty bird".

In the end, Dale blackmailed Dr. Harris into paying for his honeymoon with an incriminating video taken by his friend Dean Jones with assistance from Kenny Sommerfeld. The video shows Dr. Harris pulling off Kenny's pants and preparing to orally rape him. He also demanded that she stop sexually harassing him, lest he make the video public.

She returns in Horrible Bosses 2. In the film, she manages to get Nick, Kurt and Dale to engage into a foursome with her, drops the F-bomb often, talks endlessly about male genitalia and even asks Nick to defecate on her during sex. The trio create a ransom note asking for $500,000 and go to the office of Dale's old boss, Dr. Julia Harris, to steal a tank of nitrous oxide. While there, Kurt and Dale are almost caught by Julia's sex addiction group meeting. This time, it is Nick who sex with her, not Kurt. After Nick is mistaken for one of the members.  

Later in the film, Dr. Harris also arrives at their hotel room and demands to sleep with Dale or else she will report them for breaking into her office. Dale's wife Stacy, whom Dale has three daughters with, arrives, and believing Dale is cheating on her with Dr. Harris, storms off. Dale angrily locks Dr. Harris in the bathroom so the three can leave. She still pursues Dale and eventually succeeds in having sex with him while he's in a coma. She also promises Dale that she'd going to bed his wife while he's in a coma. By the film's end, she tells Stacey that nothing happened between her and Dale and makes amends with her. She also expresses sexual attraction to 14-year-old boys, gay men, and Dale's wife, Stacy.

Critical Reception

Dr. Harris earned mixed reviews for the first film and negative reviews for the second film.


Did you see that show Gossip Girl, I watched it last night. I fingered myself so hard to that Penn Badgley guy, I broke a nail.
~ Julia's first line in the film, working alongside an uncomfortable Dale
You're no shrimp in the cock department, huh?
~ Julia unashamedly questioning Dale about the size of his male genitalia during work
You said she was just a hole for your dick.
~ Julia's heinous lie to Dale, out of jealously about his engagement to Stacy
If you don't f**k me, I'm going to tell her you f**ked me.
~ Julia blackmailing Dale to sleep with her and then threatening to tell his fiancee' if he doesn't
You're starting to sound like a little faggot there, Dale.
~ Julia's homophobic remark towards Dale's cowardice and his refusing her sexual advances
Um...I'm not naked, Dale.
~ Julia commenting on her approaching Dale in just a lab coat and underwear to seduce him
Can you see my pussy?
~ Julia's explicit remark to Dale when he insists she is, in a way, naked and making him uncomfortable
See you tomorrow, you dirty birdy.
~ Julia, talking on the phone to Dale in the bath, satisfied after he finally promises to have sex with her
Are you gonna slap me in the face with your cock?
~ Julia in the bath talking to Dale over the phone, asking him what does he plan to do with her
Well Shabbat Shalom, somebody's circumcised!
~ Julia harassing Dale, spraying him in the crotch with water as she does so
Oh just relax here, Jodie Foster. Your dick wasn't even that hard!
~ Julia rebuffing Dale's claims that her drugging him and taking photos of them together in explicit positions was "rape".
Have you even done it in a dentist's chair?
~ Julia smirking to Dale, as she prepares to orally rape a dental patient in front of him
I'm going to call the police and they're going to take you to jail...unless Dale plows me.
~ Julia blackmailing Dale and his friends
You can do that...on me, you know?
~ Julia suggesting Nick to defecate on her during sex when he has to use the restroom



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