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Julian is a goth and a character in Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja. Although normally a nice guy, every so often he falls victim to the Sorcerer's dark magic and is turned into a monster every time this occurs. Although, while he is in his normal self, he still possessed the jerkish side that annoying for some, especially for his peers albeit is not villainous level. Despite this, had Julian being stanked or under other dark influence like Chaos Pearls, his jerkish side shifts into both villainous and chaotic level, making him one of the formidable opponent that Randy had to face as antagonist.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Villainous History


In "The Tale of the Golden Doctors Note" following almost dying while searching for the Golden Doctors notes, in the old gym, Julian was overcome with fear. And thus became the victim of the sorcerer, becoming a giant spider like monster, he went on a rampage, destroying the very notes he almost lost his life over. Randy fought him and managed to return him to normal.

In "Der Monster Klub" after Randy accidentally revealed the secret of turning into a monster to him, he quickly took advantage of this and publicly humiliated all his friends and fellow members of the club, so they would be turned into monsters and gain revenge. Randy tried to stop them, but Julian kept interfering so Randy tied him. Overcome with mix of both anger and breakdown at Randy's interference, he became a victim himself, and broke free. Spinning a giant web, he captured all the previous bullies, and Randy, planning to take revenge upon them. However Randy broke free, and managed to defeat the club, due to him turning back, Julian forgot the secret.

In "Stanks Like Team Spirit" following him and the rest of the chess team, losing the annual tournament to McFists chess playing robot, overcome with grief and anguish, he (along with the rest of the team, and several other students) was transformed into a monster by the Sorcerer. In this form, he went on a rampage causing chaos. However, Randy managed to keep him at bay, and he (along with the others) was returned to normal when Howard beat the robot.

In "Lucius O'Thunderpunch" he was among the students, who was transformed into a monster, once McFist drove the Ninja away by posing as another hero. However, Randy returned, and beat him, along with the other monsters. He was returned to normal when Randy destroyed the Ninja of the Year plack. 

In "Julian's Birthday Surprise" Julian invited both Randy and Howard to his birthday. Julian saw a bag Randy had and assume Randy had his birthday present. Unknown to him Randy had a Chaos Pearl inside the bag. When Randy was in the Nomicon, Julian use this advantage to steal the orb and fell under it’s influence. Randy took the orb back but Julian was determined to get it back. Julian eventually got the ball and used it power to cause chaos. Randy threw the ball into a portal Julian opened but Julian attempted to get it. In the process however an alternate version of Julian appeared, still clutching the bag. While Evil Julian ended up trapped in the Land of Shadows while the real Julian was pulled to safety. When Evil Julian opened the bag, he found that Howard had swapped the pearl with a gargoyle's head, and let out an anguished scream of agony.