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Those girls came from nothing. Starving in their villages. Sold by their relatives or, or stupid enough to believe that people are just handing out fresh new lives here in America. They were broken dolls before they ever got on those ships.
~ Julian's "reason" for trafficking women as prostitutes.

Julian McCaffrey (born Tierning) is a minor antagonist in Season 4 of the TV series Lucifer. He is the rich owner of his late mother's nudists sanctuary where he secretly uses that and his father's shipping company for human trafficking and drug smuggling.

He is portrayed by Erik Stocklin.


Julian Tierning is the son of businessman Jacob Tierning and the late Willow McCaffrey. After changing his surname and inheriting his mother's nudist sanctuary, he used his father's shipping company to smuggle drugs and foreign women into the country, where he uses the latter for prostitution. Some of his nudist visitors claimed that he turned his mother's sanctuary into the "devil's paradise".

After getting into an argument with nudist visitor Gary Van Blunt, whom found out what he was doing, Julian had him taken from the sanctuary while dressed in someone else's clothes and pushed him out of a window. He was later taken into custody by the police for questioning, although his father bailed him out. That night, he smuggles in more women where he was then confronted by the police and Lucifer Morningstar. During a confrontation, he killed a policewoman and escaped.

After arriving at his lodge, he packs up to make an escape. However, much to his surprise, a deeply enraged Lucifer is already there waiting for him. He then remorselessly states the reasons for his crimes before attempting to shoot him to death, only to horrifyingly learn of his true nature as the actual devil. After being thrown outside through the window, Lucifer breaks a defenseless Julian's back as Eve watches.

The next day, Julian is seen in hospital as he fearfully agrees to confess his crimes to Detectives Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza, claiming that it would be safer for him in prison than it is being a free man.


From what small screen time he has, Julian is implied to be a talkative and social person based on his initial interactions, but one of the nudist visitors referred to him as a 'millennial pervert' who is nothing like the founder of the nudists' sanctuary and turned it into the 'devil's playground'. In actuality, he was remorseless and greedy, having smuggled many illegal products into country. He was so arrogant believed he could avoid justice for his crimes simply because he was rich, and had no care for anyone, as he believed the women he trafficked never deserved better lives and didn’t care about his father beyond using his connections to escape justice for his crimes. He was shown to be cowardly as shown when horrified upon knowing Lucifer was the devil, and turning himself in willingly just to get away from him.


  • Although he appeared in only two episodes, Julian has shown to be the series' most despicable villain due to his crimes, arrogance, lack of remorse, cowardice and has been the one criminal who truly pushed Lucifer into re-embracing his darker emotions.
  • In the series, what makes people go to Hell is not their actions but their guilt. It's possible that Julian may go to Heaven because he showed no remorse and won't face any punishment. However, since guilt and remorse are not necessarily the same thing, it's more likely that he will end up in Hell because guilt is actually an emotion that people display when they know that they did something wrong rather than feeling regret.

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