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No one puts on a show like Julian Slink.
~ Slink about himself
You do exactly as they say, and they still have more goddamn notes.
~ Slink expressing his annoyance of working for Heart

Julian Slink is one of the main characters of the 2017 Syfy original show Blood Drive.

He is portrayed by Colin Cunningham.

Blood Drive

Slink is first seen in the pilot when Officers Christopher Carpenter and Arthur Bailey investigate the report from a homeless man that leads them to a gathering in which they witness living people being mauled by car engines so that their blood can be used as fuel for a gory race competition. The gathering is being lead by Slink, who says the last person across the finish line dies by electrocution.

By the end of the episode, Carpenter has been kidnapped by Aki, and Bailey has been forced to participate in the race with Grace D'Argento by Slink, despite her insisting that they aren't a team.

Slink is later revealed to have been working for Heart Enterprises, a mysterious and evil corporation that has been ruling the world since a massive earthquake ripped the new world into two halves. He goes in for an interview and is annoyed by another man, Mr. Skuttles, who he thinks is stealing his job. To stop him, Slink smashes his head in with a briefcase in the lobby, much to Aki's annoyance, who had just had the lobby cleaned.

Aki tells him that she was originally going to murder him, but changed her mind after seeing what he did in the lobby, and thought that maybe Slink's services can help Heart Enterprises.

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