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You still love me, don't you, Lothar?
~ Julie to Lothar.
Everyone calls me Juju.
~ "Juju" to the Blazkowicz twins.

Julie Brandt, also known by her disguise Julie Desjardins, is the secondary antagonist of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. She was a French aristocrat who betrayed her people to the Nazis, and later married General Lothar Brandt. Becoming a member of the Fourth Reich, she aided her husband in his attempt to overthrow the Nazi regime.

She was voiced by Tamar Baruch.



Julie was born in 1920 in France, and was originally a aristocrat until she betrayed her people to the Nazis. In 1957, she met Nazi General Lothar Brandt, and the two would marry and have three unnamed children together. To prove her loyalty to Lothar, Julie attacked the resistance and later captured its leader, Emmanuel before torturing him. Lothar later became disillusioned with the Nazi regime after the Second American Revolution, and decided to create a group to overthrow the Third Reich so he could retake the world again. Julie worked closely with Lothar in the Fourth Reich, and worked on operation "Ascension", which would be toppling Berlin. However, the Third Reich caught wind of Lothar's plans, and decided to have him assassinated.

Julie and Lothar survived the attack in his penthouse at the Siegturm, and the two decided to hide in the Paris Underground. The two came into contact with the Neu-Paris resistance, and disguised themselves as members so they could plan to take over Berlin and Paris. Julie managed to gain the trust of the resistance as "Juju", and was promoted as the leader and medical doctor as Lothar pretended to be mute. It was later revealed that B.J. Blazkowicz came to her to find a clue to search for a powerful Da'at Yichud artifact in Paris, but he saw through her lies and decided to infiltrate Lab X to stop the apocalypse.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

B.J.'s twin daughters, Jess and Soph, decided to look for their father alongside their family friend, Abby Walker. The twins meet with Juju, who sends them to kill General Winkler, a high-ranking official as a test of their abilities, but actually sent them to kill the general so no one could oppose Lothar. After their success in killing the general, Juju sends the twins across Paris to take over the Brothers, three computer towers that are connected between Paris and Berlin. The twins succeed in taking over the towers by killing the Überkommandants, and having Abby hack into them to take control.

Abby managed to decrypt the message she received from each tower, and downloaded a picture of General Lothar. Realizing that "Jacques" is Lothar, Abby used her microphone to hear him and Julie speaking of sedating the girls to kill them. Abby manages to contact the twins to warn them of the Brandt's, but the couple escape to the Siegturm to continue their plans. Upon arriving at the top of the Siegturm, Lothar orders Messler to begin his attack on Berlin and the resistance. While awaiting for Messler, Lothar criticizes Julie for failing to drug the girls, stating that he feels humiliated by being outsmarted by them. Julie pleads to Lothar, and the two have a moment of foreplay before learning the twins are arriving.

Lothar orders Julie to stand in front of elevator door as the twins are coming, despite her questioning if it's safe. Julie is then killed while trying to ambush them, as Soph blasted the door with the God Key, crushing her head and killing her instantly. Despite her and Lothar's death at the hands of the twins, the Fourth Reich succeeds in topping Berlin and take over the Nazi Empire.



  • Julie's character model bares some resemblance to Lady Helene Winter from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.
  • She is the third female antagonist in the MachineGames Wolfenstein series.


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