Here and now! By the grace of Rustal Elion, commander of the Arianrhod Fleet, the demon has finally been slain.
~ Julieta announcing her victory over Mikazuki Augus.

Julieta Juris is a Mobile Suit Pilot in the Gjallarhorn Arianrhod Fleet and a major antagonist in Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

She is voiced in the original Japanese version by Mao "M.A.O" Ichimichi and by Abby Trott in the English dub.


When the Arianrhod Fleet showed up during the battle between Tekkadan and the Dawn Horizon Corps, Julieta was one of the pilots sent out by Rustal alongside Iok Kujan and Vidar to capture the Dawn Horizon Corps' leader Sandoval Reuters before McGillis and his Tekkadan allies could to deny McGillis the political victory. While Julieta got close, the Tekkadan pilot Mikazuki Augus managed to capture Sandoval first before any Arianrhod pilots could.

After Iok was sent to investigate McGillis and Tekkadan unearthing what was likely a Mobile Armor on Mars and failed to report in, Julieta and Vidar were sent in to see what happened to him. Julieta rescued Iok right as he was standing down the Mobile Armor in a suicidal attempt to avenge his men.

Later, when McGillis Fareed launched his coup against Gjallarhorn with assistance from Tekkadan, Julieta accompanied the Arianrhod Fleet as they went to suppress the coup. When the Revolutionary Fleet and Tekkadan met the Arianrhod Fleet in space, Julieta went out to engage the Tekkadan and Revolutionary Mobile Suits in combat. When Shino got close to firing on the bridge of Rustal's flagship with a Dainsleif weapon, Julieta at the last second attacked him and caused his one shot to miss. With that, the Arianrhod fleet was able push back the Tekkadan and Revolutionary Fleet and force them to retreat.

During the final battle at Tekkadan's Mars base, Julieta attacked the Tekkadan forces holding off Gjallarhorn while most of Tekkadan's members evacuated through the underground tunnels. She met Mikazuki Augus in combat, whose Gundam Barbatos was already damaged from the numerous Gjallarhorn Mobile Suits he had slain, and fought him. Mikazuki managed to deal some heavy blows to Julieta's Suit, but as the two fiercely attacked each other Mikazuki's Mobile Suit shorted out and due the strain he had sustained from driving Barbatos to his maximum potential, Mikazuki died before he could finish off Julieta, allowing Julieta to cut off the head of his Mobile Suit and claim victory.

Years after McGillis and Tekkadan's uprising and the reforms Rustal implemented to Gjallarhorn to remove the power of the Seven Stars and make it more outwardly democratic, Julieta Juris went to a hospital to visit Gaelio, who had became bound to a wheelchair due to his injuries. The two discuss the rumors that Julieta is being groomed to be the future ruler of Gjallarhorn. During their discussion, Julieta remarked on how she came to realize that the Tekkadan aren't devils, just humans.



  • She is among the most hated women in Anime, due to her flat character, devotion to Rustal Elion to the point where she is his willing slave and just being a pain. She is also hated for taking credit for killing Mikazuki after he already died, proving she has no honor as a warrior.
    • She is ranked 9th in Watchmojo's Most Hated Anime Characters and 10th in Watchmojo's Top Ten Most Annoying Girl's in Anime.


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