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Hear this my beloved imperial subjects. I will now reveal the truth! Lady a Norma! To conceal this fact of have a Norma rule over us must be a plot to undo our nation. This act is the ultimate treason against our citizens. Our empire will not be tainted by monsters. It is high time our people found out the truth on this, the day of Angelise's baptism!
~ Julio, revealing that Ange is a Norma.

Julio Asuka Misurugi is the secondary antagonist of the anime series CROSS ANGE: Rondo of Angel and Dragon. He is the older brother of Angelise and Sylvia and the one who was responsible for revealing Ange's identity as a Norma.

He was voiced by Kosuke Toriumi in the Japanese version, and by Blake Shepard in the English dubbed version.


Early life

Julio Misurugi was born into the royal family of Misurugi, around twenty years before the start of the series. He was the oldest child and only son of Jurai and Sophia Misurugi. Later, he became the older brother to Angelise and Sylvia Misurugi. Very little is known about his early life and childhood but from a few flashbacks shown throughout the series, it appears that as a child, he cared very much about both of his sisters and wanted to be close to them. Unfortunately, this would not last.

Like the majority of mana-people, Julio was genetically conditioned to dislike the Norma, a group of people born without magical powers (or Mana). At some point in his youth, Julio became or was made aware that his younger sister, Angelise, was actually a Norma. Like his parents, he originally kept this a secret from everybody, including the ignorant Angelise.

As he got older however, Julio's opinion of both his sibling and his parents changed radically. Julio's dislike for the Norma, eventually turned into outright hatred and he began to view the radical measures implemented by Jurai and Sophia to protect their eldest daughter as blatant favoritism. He eventually concluded, that his parents were grooming Angelise to take over the throne, instead of him. This made the prince both angry and jealous, as he considered the throne his birthright. Ultimately, Julio was disgusted at being related to what he considered to be an abomination like Angelise, and that his parents were going out of their way to protect her.

Publicly, Julio kept these observations to himself. He pretended the obedient son and caring older brother. Behind the scenes, however, he was secretly plotting Angelise's downfall, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Episode One: Angelise Exposed

Julio made his first appearance at the Iaria match between Ho-o Institute and Floria Academy. He is shown asking Momoka if his sister, whose sixteenth birthday is coming up is a burden, to which the maid is unconcerned. As part of the celebrations, Angelise is due to undergo a coronation event known as the Baptism Ceremony, which Julio notes he is looking forward too.

At the said event, Julio proceeded to betray both his parents and Angelise. With the event being broadcast all over the Mana-World, Julio had his aid, Riza restrain his father. The prince then revealed to all of the spectators that his sister was in fact a Norma, which was confirmed moments when Angelise shattered a Mana shield just by touching it, a typical trait of a Norma. Despite the best efforts of her mother, Angelise was eventually captured, stripped of all her titles and then exiled.

Julio did not seem to care that his mother Sophia was killed during the pursuit of his sister. For sheltering a Norma and taking her under his wing, Emperor Jurai was arrested and subsequently executed by Julio, who would later tell his sister that he watched him hang. With this, Julio ascended to the throne as Emperor Julio Misurugi the First and took over the Empire of Misurugi.

Episodes 9-10: Ange's Escape

Despite his victory and having obtained the throne he had always wanted, Julio Misurugi was still not satisfied. Now one of the few people that was aware about the penal colony of Arzenal and the Norma's purpose in fighting the DRAGON's, Julio gleefully awaited the news of his sisters impending death. Unfortunately for him, Angelise, now going by the name of Ange, turned out to be a natural soldier and managed to escape death on numerous occasions.

Julio's patience eventually ran out and he decided to do something about it. He used his younger sister, Sylvia to lure Ange back to the mainland, by claiming that she was the one that had killed their parents. This turned Sylvia against Ange, and she became a willing accomplice in Julio's scheme. The plan worked and Ange walked straight into their trap. With another success under his belt, Julio came to personally collect his sister from prison, just so that he could in his own words watch her squirm.

He proceeded to put his sister on trial, which turned out be nothing more than a farce for torture. Julio smiled on gleefully, as Sylvia whipped her sister in front of an excited crowd. When the crowd began baying for Angelise's blood, Julio was more than willing to accommodate them. Throughout all of this, he held on to his mothers signate ring. Ange had managed to keep this, enabling her to pilot an extremely powerful Ragna-Mail known as the Vilkiss. Now though, it had been confiscated and given back to Julio. The Emperor of Misurugi also intended to kill Momoka, Ange's maid, for fleeing to Arzenal and remaining loyal to her mistress.

Now on the receiving end of the Mana wielders cruelty and prejudice, Ange renounced all ties to her former life. Despite her brother being the one that now held her life in his hands, Ange resolved to face her death with dignity. In a final act of defiance, she began to sing whilst ascending the scaffold. She ignored Julio's orders to shut up, only stopping when the noose was placed around her neck and ignored Julio's boast that the end had come.

Ange would not die that day however. She was saved at the last second by the intervention of Tusk, who also managed to steal back her signate ring. Teaming up with Momoka, Ange successfully defeated all of the guards, before mounting Tusk's transport. Before making her escape, the former Princess thanked her brother for helping her come to terms with her identity. As Ange fled, Julio ordered the guards to get after her, which proved to be a costly mistake.

Hearing him, Ange lobbed her final weapon, a four bladed shuriken at Julio. Whether by intention or not, the weapon failed to kill Julio, embedding itself in the throne. One of the long blades successfully slashed Julio across the left side of his face however. Blood spurting from his injury, the Emperor of Misurugi fell to knees in front of the stunned onlookers. Sylvia and the other attendees could do nothing by cry out in shock, having witnessed their Emperor get humiliated by a Norma.

Julio's wound would subsequently be healed, but a pronounced scar was left on his cheek. It is never stated whether or not this was done intentionally. Whatever the case, Julio became more determined than ever, to see Ange slaughtered.

Episodes 12-13: The Attack on Arzenal and Death

Julio later attended a meeting between Embryo and the various other leaders of the Mana-World. Here they discussed the danger posed to their citizens by the DRAGON's. They eventually decided to follow Embryo's suggestion that the world needed to be destroyed and remade. Seizing his opportunity, Julio personally volunteered to go to Arzenal and retrieve a number of valuable assets.

At the head of a large naval fleet, Julio approached Arzenal under the pretext of offering assistance following the massive DRAGON attack, which left Arzenal devastated. Commander Jill, saw through this deception however, and finally launched the Norma rebellion, codenamed Libertus. Seizing his opportunity, Julio betrayed Embryo's instructions. Commanding his forces from the safety of his ship, he ordered his soldiers to exterminate any Norma that was not Angelise or Para-Mail riders.

As the battle raged on, both sides began to take heavy casualties. As the Mana-wielders continued to capture several Para-Mail riders, the remaining Norma fled to the safety of their subterranean levels, where Jill had a transport waiting. Meanwhile, Julio continued to search desperately for his sister, unaware that he would not have long to wait.

After learning that this act was being committed by her brother, Ange, in defiance of her orders, resolved to stop the invasion once and for all. Clambering onto the Vilkiss, she successfully launched her Ragna-Mail into the midst of the carnage. Fighting off all of the drones sent to capture her, Ange decimated the Mana-Wielders fleet, before turning her attention to the flagship. Using the Vilkiss' sword, she sliced open the bridge, killing the crew and coming face to face, with her brother.

Julio, who had just been lecturing his subordinates for their inability to capture one Para-Mail now found himself face to face with the giant mecha. A second later, the canopy opened. Julio had just enough time to recognise his sister, before a bullet tore through his leg, leaving him injured and unable to flee. Using the situation to her advantage, Riza, who had accompanied Julio on the exhibition, abandoned her master and lover, without a moments hesitation.

Gun still leveled, Ange ordered Julio to call off the massacre, threatening to kill him, if he did not comply. Fearing for his life, the Emperor did as instructed, much to the shock of his soldiers. Job done, he immediately ordered Ange to get him to a doctor. Ignoring him, Ange climbed back into the Vilkiss, and raised the machines sword high in the air.

For the second time in a week, the two older Misurugi siblings found themselves in a life or death situation. Once again, one literally held the others life in the palm of their hand. This time though, the positions were reversed. In contrast to his sister, who had been prepared to die with dignity, Julio pleaded for his life. Desperate, he apologised, saying that they were family and even offered to reinstate her back into the Royal Family.

From her position inside the Vilkiss, Ange glared silently down at the man that had ruined her life, not buying his sympathy act even for a second. She knew full well that Julio had no intention of doing any of these things and was just saying that he would in a desperate, cowardly bid to save his own skin. With that Ange's mind turned to vengeance. Dismissing her brother as worthless scum, she raised the blade even higher. No longer caring about their familial ties between them, Ange brought the sword down upon the man that had killed both of their parents, turned everyone she originally knew against her and committed genocide upon the innocent Norma.

Before the blade could connect however, a purple Ragna-Mail intervened, thus sparing Julio's life. Standing upon the machines shoulder was none other than Embryo. Seeing this, Julio frantically cried for Embryo to kill his sister. Ignoring his treacherous subordinate, Embryo focused all of his attention upon Ange. Declaring that she was beautiful, the creator of the Mana-World said that she did not deserve to waste her energy upon somebody beneath her. With that he offered to do the deed himself. Taking flight, he started to sing a song, which Ange, Julio, Tusk, Vivian and Riza recognised as the Endless Song.

Using Julio's ship as the focus point, Embryo unleashed his devastating attack. As they were a safe distance away, Ange, Tusk, Vivian, Riza and the surviving Norma were spared. Caught at the epicenter, Julio and any surviving members of his forces, were not so fortunate. Surrounded on all sides by a piercing light, Julio Misurugi the First, discovered first hand what betrayal felt like. With a final scream, he perished at the hands of his creator. His body, ship and fleet were all completely vaporized, leaving no trace as to his presence or existence.


With Ange in exile and Jurai and Sophia deceased, in order to fill the gap in the Empire of Misurugi its government structure caused by Julio's death, Sylvia was automatically made the new Empress after Embryo awoke her from her endless sleep induced by Riza. However, Embryo ended up taking control of the Empire as Sylvia was still too young and too dependent on others to lead the Empire, making her only Empress by name. The Empire's people didn't even seem to know that their Emperor was deceased.

When Ange and Tusk were talking about all the strange things that Ange has been through and everything she learned and the people she met, she brought up Julio, claiming, somewhat remorseful, that she was "unable to understand him, until the end". Also when Ange confronted Embryo and stated all the reasons why she despised him, one of the reasons was that he killed Julio.

Sylvia believed that Ange was the one who killed Julio, just like how she thought that she the one who killed their parents. However, later, Liza revealed to Sylvia that it was really Julio who killed their father.

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Gakuen

Julio appears as a supporting character in the 4koma parody manga, where he and Sylvia are mostly is seen being supportive and caring of Ange.


Julio is a tall, slender, handsome man with long golden brown hair and blue eyes. Later, he has a scar on his left cheek, which he got when Ange threw a shuriken at him.

Powers and Abilities

Julio is able to use the Light of Mana and he was also very knowledgeable when it came to technology. He was also a master planner, because he anticipated the possibility of him becoming the Emperor if he were to tell Ange's secret to the public.