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You've got nothing going for you. You're a freak and nothing can make you worth looking at
~ Julius to Reed

Julius is the main antagonist of "The Breaking Wheel", the second story in Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights #7: The Cliffs.


Julius is one of the students of the robotics class Reed attends. He acts like a bully towards almost everyone else, especially Reed. For his robotics assignment, Julius has created an homemade springlock exoskeleton, with locks that can snap, trapping people inside. However, Pickle Girard, Reed's friend, has a remote which can accidentally control the exoskeleton by connecting it to a specific frequency. When Julius makes Pickle fall on the ground and break his nose, Reed decides to confront him. Julius enters inside his exoskeleton and mocks him, saying he originally made the exoskeleton to be faster and stronger, but, since he's already enough fast and strong, he'll use it to trap Reed inside and make him Julius' slave. However, the suit malfunctions and causes Julius to fall on the ground. Reed decides to give him a taste of his own medicine and decides to make the locks snap, trapping him inside until the next day.

He then goes to the Girard home with Pickle and her twin sister Shelly to do homework together. During the trip back home, Shelly read a book about ancient torture devices, including the breaking wheel, where the tortured person would get tied to a a wheel and have his bones broken. When they come home, Shelly and Pickle's little brother Ory decides to use the remote to control Pickle's little robot. Reed then remembers that Julius' exoskeleton had the problem of having its movement affected by the remote of the other robots, and starts to be afraid that, by moving Pickle's robot around and making him do unnatural movements, Ory has unwillingly twisted and deformed Julius' body, like in a modern version of the breaking wheel. When Ory slams the little robot into the wall of a doll house made by Shelly, a similar slam is heard from outside the walls of the house. The Girard siblings believe that it's the wind, and head outside to get some sodas, leaving Reed all alone. Then, something breaks into the house, and Reed is attacked by the mutilated corpse of Julius trapped inside the exoskeleton, looking exactly like Reed imagined a victim of the wheel would. Reed attempts to fight the endoskeleton, but fails when he manages to catch it. The exoskeleton attaches itself to Reed and presses against his chest and his mouth, preventing him from screaming or asking for help as the exoskeleton reaches for Reed's throat.

Reed's friends return from their quick outing, and Pickle gives Ory the controller. The young child starts to play with the remote and control the small robot, until he smashes all the buttons on the remote, which causes the robot to spin and thrash uncontrollably before destroying itself. It can be presumed that the same fate met the exoskeleton and Reed.


  • "The Breaking Wheel" was originally supposed to be the first story in the book, and thus would've also been the book's title. However, it was dropped because the cover was considered too scary. Series creator Scott Cawthon later released the cover on Reddit.
  • In contrast to most dead people and animatronics in the series, Julius isn't possessing the exoskeleton and remains dead, with the exoskeleton being controlled by Ory's remote (although the child wasn't aware).
    • However, it's strongly implied Julius' soul, or his agony, managed to have a certain control over the exoskeleton, since, in the final parts of the story, it moves and tries to kill Reed even when Ory isn't using the controller.


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