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Jullian Danglars
Eugenie, at this moment, you are the most precious thing in the world to me.
~ Jullian Danglars to his daughter Eugenie after explaining that her marriage to Andrea will give him his money back.

Jullian Danglars, also known as Baron Danglars, is a major antagonist in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.


Baron Danglars often wears a gold-colored tux with red-lensed glasses. The Baron is also stockier than his fellow conspirators and has reddish-brown hair.


When it comes to financial gain, the Baron is no stranger to using any means necessary to get what he wants. He'll even force something onto someone if it means that he'll benefit from it, such as Eugenie's burden of marrying Andrea for money regardless of how she herself feels. Money, in more ways than one, is the thing that he treasures more than anything else, even more than human life. While he isn't willing to kill people to get more of it, he is willing to kill to preserve what he already has. He is also very abusive toward his daughter, hitting her for not complying to his demands on several occasions and, like many psychopaths, Baron Danglars is rather impulsive. As stated by Baptistin, he is often blinded by his own ego. In this case, he is blind to the Count's intentions.


Jullian is incredibly skilled with finances, often seeing many good business opportunities when they come. When he was younger, however, he was also prone to embezzling funds.


  • Interestingly enough, despite being the most evil when the Count was Edmond Dantes, he is the least evil of the three conspirators that the Count seeks revenge on overall, in many ways being less evil than the Count himself. However, given how immoral the Baron is, this isn't saying much.

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