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Jungle Evil, also known as The King of the Jungle and the Predator, is one of the many Zanzibar Land mercenaries assigned to assassinate Solid Snake and a minor antagonist in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. He specializes in guerrilla warfare and utilizes many survival tactics in the battlefield.



Once an operative for the South African Special Forces in a recon unit known as the Rex Command, Jungle Evil served as an elite mercenary during Vietnam and gained an infamous reputation for being brutal, inhumanly skilled, and animalistic. It was said that he single handedly destroyed two troop companies in Vietnam and South Yemen. He was later recruited into Zanzibar Land, presumably during the Mercenary War.

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Jungle Evil was valued highly, being a holder of key cards 8 and 9, the latter of which he left behind. FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake encountered the Predator as he traversed the environment of Zanzibar Land's bio labs. Jungle Evil used his experience in jungle warfare to sneak under the canopy to fire quick shots at Snake. Despite his skill, Snake thwarted and killed his foe with grenades, and retrieved key card 8.


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