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Junko is a sagacious spirit who serves as the main antagonist and final boss of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, the fifteenth entry of the Touhou Project video game series. She is a sworn enemy of the Lunarian species who orchestrates an invasion of the Moon in order to force out the Lunarian people living there and assassinate the Lunarian Goddess, Chang'e.


Junko wears a Chinese outfit of a red and yellow tabard with a red sash over a wide-sleeved black dress and a black Phoenix crown. She has long, orange hair and red eyes. Behind her are seven light-purple flame-like tails.


Having a grudge against Hou Yi for killing her son, Junko decided to seek vengeance upon Hou Yi and Chang'e. She plotted the invasion to the Moon in order to get revenge on her. She filled the Near Side of the Moon with fairies, in other terms, with life; forcing the Lunarians to retreat so that she could use that moment to kill Chang'e. Knowing the Lunarians would likely flee to the Dream World, she sent Hecatia to trap them there.

Over half a year the Lunarians took no action against her, causing a stagnation in Junko's plan and a steady appease of her anger, growing bored every time. It was at that time when the protagonist appeared before her, clean of all impurity much to her surprise. Because her anger was already appeased, she saw no goal in continuing the invasion and admitted defeat before the battle.



  • Junko may be based on Chún Hú (纯狐), a Chinese legendary figure mentioned in the Zuǒ Zhuàn historical narrative and Tiānwèn poems. Chún Hú, also known as "Xuán Qī" (玄妻, lit. "dark lady"), became the wife of a Xia Dynasty ruler, Hòu Yì (后羿), who usurped the previous ruler (Chún Hú's former husband) and married Chún Hú; later killing her son Bó Fēng (伯封). Chún Hú then conspired with Yi's minister to kill him as revenge. This account seems to line up with statements about Junko's past from Reisen's ending in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.
    • Despite sharing a name, the Hou Yi of the Xia Dynasty was not necessarily the same one who married Chang'e and shot down the ten suns in legend. The conflation of various historical figures named "Hou Yi" has been the subject of at least one contemporary academic paper. Within the Touhou Project however, the disparate Hou Yi's appear to be treated as a single person.
  • Junko's japanese name uses the kanji "狐" which means "kitsune", possibly alluring the seven fiery tails at her back.


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