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The Jupiter Empire is an empire founded by Crux Dogatie and is the main antagonistic group of the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam and its sequel Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Steel Seven.


The Jupiter Empire is founded by Crux Dogatie after U.C. 0120, after Crux spent around seventy years building it from scratch. In the event of Mobile Suit Gundam F91, Jupiter Empire supported the original Crossbone Vanguard, which will be its first aggressive action towards the Earth. Jupiter Empire also secretly develop its military force, creating different types of powerful Mobile Suits and Mobile Armours, and plans to conquer Earth secretly.

After the defeat and reform of the Crossbone Vanguard, now leaded by Berah Ronah, who is aware of malicious intention of Jupiter Empire, fight against the empire as space pirates. After multiple battle with Crossbone Vanguard, the Jupiter Empire launched an attack towards Earth with the Jupitris 9 ship after they framed Crossbone Vanguard as the villains. While the Jupiter Empire had the advantages towards Earth Federation, however, with the combined force of Earth Federation, Crossbone Vanguard and the space colonies, the Jupiter Empire is defeated and Crux Dogatie himself is ultimately killed.

After their defeat, a new leader of Jupiter Empire, Callisto's Light risen and planned to use Dogatie's last plan, a colony laser that is capable of attacking Earth to render Earth uninhabitable. Thus, another war broke out. This time, the Callistoes twins were killed, and Dogatie's daughter, Tetenith Dogatie become the new leader and renamed Jupiter Empire as the democratic Jupiter Republic, which no longer act malicious.


The Jupiter Empire is highly materialistic, seeing its resources as more important than the people, as basic needs such as water, oxygen and food are greatly restricted and controlled by its leader, and each person are only given a limited amount of the resources, not even getting extras when they are injured or sick. They also value Mobile Suits higher then their people, as soldiers who escaped with their Mobile Suit destroyed ended up getting executed.

The people of Jupiter Empire are also educated in a way that they seen the Earth Federation as their enemies and are educated to claim the resources of Earth as theirs. Thus, the people of Jupiter Empire hated the Earth Federation.


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