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Ed Begley in '12 Angry Men' (1957).

Juror 10 is the secondary antagonist in the 1957 film, Twelve Angry Men.

He was portrayed by the late Ed Begley.


His motive for voting the defendant guilty is because he had a prejudice against the people from the boy's neighborhood, which are called 'Slums'. Throughout the film, he keeps throwing his prejudice around the Juror room so the others can vote guilty. It isn't until giving a tirade about the faults of Slums that he gives in when the Jurors give him the cold shoulder and he lets the Jurors vote whatever way the please. Once it is clear that the Jurors will vote "Not Guilty", Juror 10 also changes his vote. In the 1997 remake, he declares that he still believes that the defendant is guilty but changes his vote anyway as he knows that nobody will listen to him anymore.

Of all the Jurors in the Jury room, Juror 10 is probably the worst. Even though Juror 3 is the main antagonist and the rival to Juror 8, Juror 10 is racist while Juror 3 has some hidden depths and sympathetic side to him.



12 Angry Men (8 10) Movie CLIP - These People (1957) HD

Juror 10's racist rant.

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