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The Justice Lords are group of former superheroes turned global tyrants. They became leaders of their world and lobotmized their people.
Justice Lords
They are also villains in the Justice League series.



Like their counterparts, the Justice Lords was formed by seven superheroes. They fought evil and villainous teams. Their dimensions diverged when Lex Luthor became president and killed Flash. Superman along with Wonder Woman and Batman went to the White house and fought Luthor's guards. Superman killed Lex Luthor and they took over the White House and their world, They inforced martial law over the entire world in order to keep the world in line, even small crimes like littering and disturbing behavior leads to immediate arrest. They also took away the people's freedom and choices, as they see that is what leads to uprising. They faced demonstrations from people and lobotmized criminals.

Years after establishing control over the world, they encounter their Justice League counterparts from Batman. The Justice Lords lured their counterparts into a trap and arrived in their universe to establish the same control in their universe.


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