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Justin, or SniperDeathAngel00, is an important antagonist in Arby 'n' The Chief. He is the developer of the hacks used by Chaos Theosis.

He is voiced by Kris Boruff.


Justin at some point developed fragban hacks that were later sold and distributed by the Underground Hacker Clan. These hacks allowed players to permanently ban other players simply by fragging them, as well as have their personal info sent to the player's email.

Justin was at some point contacted by Trent Donnovich, who requested that he give him a hack capable of bringing down the entire Online Multiplayer Network. Justin finished this right around when Master Chief and Arbiter defeated and banned all four members of Chaos Theosis.

Justin later encountered Arbiter and Chief face-to-face when the duo went to confront Trent. Justin fought Arbiter while Chief ran off after Trent. Justin tried to shoot Arbiter but was unable hit him due to his poor aiming skills. He later got held at gunpoint by Arbiter, who demanded he reveal how to stop the PDOS. Justin refused and attempted to shoot Arbiter, only to be gunned down by him.

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