Justin Epstein

Justin Epstein is the antagonist in the 2011 MMA movie Never Back Down 2 The Beatdown played by Scott Epstein at the start of the movie Justin is a shy weak Comic book store clerk one day walking home he is run down and cut by bullies However, he is saved by Tim and his martial arts master Case Walker who are training in MMA in a vacant lot they soon start training him as a fighter to compete in the Beatdown an underground fighting tournament after A few weeks in training Justin is a new man shaving his head and getting more and more violent and psycho as time goes on after picking a fight with Mike Stokes the movies hero Justin defeats him easy Justin snaps and goes out for revenge against the bullies who hurt and cut him beating them with in a inch of there life as a result he is kicked out of the MMA dojo by hes mentor in a act of revenge he frams their mentor by planting a gun sending him to jail The rest of the group find out what has happened to Case and decide to band together and take on Justin at the Beatdown to avenge their mentor. it comes down to only one of them versus their own. Mike defeats Zack, while Justin injures Tim in the restroom with a weapon - thus eliminating him from the tournament. In the tournament finals, Mike engages Justin in a grueling fight until he wins by breaking Justin's right shoulder via an Omoplata submission hold. Justin attempts to retaliate by jumping Mike from behind, but Mike counters with a superman punch to the face defeating him.

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