Justine Wolfe

Justine Wolfe was the hidden main villainess from NCIS episode 13.15, "React."

She was played by René Ashton.

Justine Wolfe was the evil mastermind behind the kidnapping of Megan Porter, the daughter of Justine's lover, Richard Porter, and his ex-wife, Sarah Porter--the Secretary of the U.S. Navy (SECNAV). She was previously a member of the board of directors at Wynnewood Security Services, before planning to start her own company, D-TAV. She sank $5 million into the failing company, and she stood to lose a lot more if it went under.

Knowing that Sarah put out a $10 million insurance policy on Megan, the evil Justine plotted to kidnap Megan, enlisting former employee Owen Dixon to snatch Megan, which he does in the beginning of the episode. Justine was solely in it for the money, but she enlisted Dixon because she knew that he wanted revenge on Sarah, as he held Sarah responsible for his unit being shut down.

Bishop and DiNozzo went to Justine's home to capture and interrogate her regarding Megan's kidnapping, only to find her dead in her garage; killed by Dixon with a bullet in her head.