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K.R.A.K is the main villainous organization from NARC.


K.R.A.K is a criminal syndicate operating on the streets, responsible for drug dealing and employing various street thugs, junkies and psychopaths. The gang was led by Mr. Big, head of the Mr. Big International, which worked as a front for K.R.A.K's activities. The organization also own various facilities where they cultivate marijuana and produce synthetic drugs.

Known Members

  • Das Lof Gang: The lowest thugs of K.R.A.K who distribute the drugs on the streets
  • Dr. Spike Rush: Scientist responsible for the production of synthetic drugs. In the Power Team cartoon he appears as Mr. Big's right hand.
  • Joe Rockhead: Steroids addict who works as the gang's muscle. Also appears in the Power Team cartoon as a henchman of Mr. Big.
  • Kinky Pinky: A psychopath in clown attire who also runs the organization's pornography business.
  • Sergeant Skyhigh: An ex-military man who works on the cultivation of marijuana.
  • HQ Posse: Gangsters who defend the Mr. Big offices.
  • Mr. Big: The mastermind behind K.R.A.K's activities and Public Enemy No. 1.


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