K9999 is an antagonist in The King of Fighters video game series, originally appearing in The King of Fighters 2001.


After the death of Krizalid and the disappearance of K', NESTS decided to attribute their research to errors.

K9999 became the "perfect" 9999th Kyo Kusanagi clone. K9999 is built from the ground up and consumes too much power, while the blue gloves he wears can help him control his deforming power and prevent them from going crazy. His main purpose is to send rogue creations that escape from the hands of NESTS. Before the cartel was destroyed, he apparently did not find himself a clone.

Although it was suggested that Foxy was killed by him and Angel, he disappeared after encountering Angel with K' and Kula. His whereabouts and fate are unknown.


K9999 has a very short temper and is easily driven to violence. However, he hates K' with a passion, and considers him his ultimate rival.


  • K9999's entire character was based around Tetsuo Shima from Akira, to the point that he has the same voice actor, repeats many of Tetsuo's quotes and even his moveset is identical to many scenes in the anime. After SNK reacquired the serie's rights they removed K9999 from the canon, eventually replacing him in The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match with a new character called Nameless, who retained his moveset but is otherwise completely original.


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