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~ message left by Kado Thorne after he stole stuff from the real world.

Kado Thorne is a major antagonist of the Fortnite franchise.

He was a very ancient vampire, a time traveler, a wealthy collector, a thief as well as the leader of Eclipse. He was introduced during Chapter 4: Season 3, when his arrival was prophesied by the Rumble Ruins and The Apparatus, left by The Ancients billions of years ago. They had indeed already encountered the vampire and his time machine and feared him. He has been traveling through time, stealing "items" from different time periods of a lot of different realities to add them to his collection, leaving behind a calling card and a portrait of Eclipse. However it seems that this is not his only occupation, having much more sinister plans in mind.

He is voiced by Connor Fogarty.


Thorne in his human form appears as a handsome white-haired muscular man with a chonmage haircut. He wears red glasses, a black and red robe that oddly resembles The Ancients statue, cyan jewelry on the right arm as well as several collars of different sizes around the neck, also cyan. His outfit is also open, showing his chest with a heart tattoo. In his Revenant form, he become a pale bat like creature with no mouth. His robe is gone, his eyes turn blood red and his hair turn longer and dark with a cyan streak. He is covered in light greenish aura with a mix of dark red aura.


Thorne is a voracious traveler with a hunger for all kinds of "art" forms, from ancient arts to modern arts including pieces of living being, such as Midas' hand and artifacts. He will do anything just to get his hands on the things that interests him. If he cannot buy it, he will steal it. If it went extinct, he will time travel to get it. Usually he is calm and cunning, he acts like an entrepreneur expanding his resorts, buying up different businesses. However when things go wrong, notably when his collection is attacked, he loses his calm, yells on his henchmen and breaks even more 'objects.


Before Fortnite[]

Kado Thorne was a very old vampire traveling through time and realities to collect the finer things in life. He ventured across The Omniverse with his Time Machine to search for new stuff for his collection. Eons ago, The Ancients encountered the vampire, they feared him so much that they created The Apparatus with the purpose to predict his arrival so they can make escape plans before his arrival, they also left glyphs and murals to warn eventual future generations who would find their ruins. In one of his journey, Kado Thorne came across The Triarchs' broken realm and stole some of their relics for his collection. Thorne's havoc across the space and time caused him to became target of many vampire hunters including the dark fae known as Shimmerdusk.

Chapter 4: Season 3[]

In Reality Zero on Asteria Island, the ruins of the Ancients were discovered after the central part of the Island collapsed, revealing a huge underground rainforest. The ruins revealed to the inhabitants the arrival of Kado Thorne, through murals, glyphs and The Apparatus announcing the arrival of an Eclipse astrologically impossible, a sign of the arrival of Kado Thorne. The glyphs also mentioned his Time Machine, which Doctor Slone wanted to use to save the inhabitant from the arrival of the other enemies whose arrival is predicted by Optimus Prime.

Chapter 4: Season 4[]

Kado Thorne arrived on the Island with his time machine and his faction, and began to drain all the resources to build his resorts, which are actually very well protected strongholds to hide his collection and his Time Machine, which he wanted to use for collected stuff from the past of Reality Zero, but also for a more sinister plan. He also took control of Rumble Ruins, bought one of MEGA City's luxury restaurants as well as the Slap Factory which he also transformed into highly protected strongholds and took control of the Forecast Towers, making Eclipse the most powerful organisation on the Island.

Later, to attempt to steal the time machine Slone formed a Heist Crew consisting of:
-Nolan Chance, the wanted maverick mastermind. He is one of the leaders of the crew.
-Masque, the thief. Also known as Antonia, the stylish weapon designer. She is one of the leaders of the crew.
-The Looper, known as Reality Zero's Hero. They are one of the leaders of the crew.
-Piper Pace, a lead-foot getaway driver with hand-to-hand-tossed fighting skills.
-Fish Thicc, the jacked mackerel of safe-crackers who brings the muscle to the heist crew's operations.
-Mae, the impulsive hacker with an explosive sense of humor
-Khaby Lame, the expert influencer who became expert infiltrator.

While Thorne came out of the time machine after his journey back to "2020 03 25" to get Oro's head for his collection, the Heist Crew tried to rob his vaults. But after discovering the intruders in his estate, he transformed into his Revenant Form and tried to kill them, forcing the crew to flee. After the Heist Crew's failure to steal the time machine, The Eclipse began with a permanent Super Blood Moon and Solar Eclipses caused by Thorne's psionics powers.

After that, Kado Thorne remained in his Revenant form to protect his Time Machine himself as the vaults doors were no longer functional. He also established his next target, "2018 07 12" in other words the period of Chapter 1: Season 5, when Athena Island undergoes the World Collide. However his plan appeared to be not about obtaining stuff for his collection, but something else as yet unrevealed. But, the Heist Crew managed to steal his machine Before seemingly Dying to the Looper and Shimmerdusk.

Chapter 4: Season OG[]

As Jones returns back in time an alternative Season 5 period on Athena Island with the stolen Time Machine for his mission, traces of Thorne's passage in this timeline are visible. Mains events have been altered as the Sideways Rift closed much earlier than it should have, before spawning the Corruption Cube Kevin, from the Last Reality. Several anachronisms are also found, the No Sweat Insurrance Building of Tilted Towers appeared much earlier, in the wrong place and depicts events that have not yet happened. A book written by the Explorers concerning an extremely dangerous relic of The Last Reality is found in the forest of Wailing Woods, although it was only supposed to appear during Chapter 4: Season 3 on Asteria Island. Planned or not, the temporal changes caused by Thorne's past self complicates Jones' task and have direct repercussions on the future, and put the fate of the the Islanders in the future at stake. However, Jones manages to accomplish his mission despite everything by succeeding in recreating The End event and by slightly modifying the process so that instead of creating a Blackhole which will alter the matter of this reality, will annihilate this reality and generate a new Big Bang creating countless realities, thus allowing the inhabitants of Asteria in the present to take refuge in one of these realities.

Chapter 5: Season 1[]

It's been revealed that Kado Thorne had somehow resurrected and had migrated to Helios with all of his remaining collection and equipment, his intentions are unknown.


  • His main theme is Rise of the Revenant.
  • His jewelry and his tattoo actually serve to seal his Revenant form, his jewelry visible on his human form are actually body parts of his Revenant form.
  • He is the oldest character in the game known to date, his first appearance known (outside of time travel) dating back billions of years, in The Ancients Reality.
  • He is the first villain in the game whose death has been officially confirmed.
    • However this doesn't prevent his possible return in the future, due to his numerous time travels in a lot of realities including past versions of Reality Zero.
  • All items seen in Thorne's collection come from destroyed kingdoms, planets, galaxies or realities.
    • This includes Reality Zero's former Islands i.e. Athena, Apollo and Artemis.
  • Although his final plan is currently unknown, it's said to put the Island's fate at stake.



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