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Even lacking trust, people can be manipulated with the promise of profit.
~ Kaede Manyuda.

Kaede Manyuda is a supporting character in the anime/manga series Kakegurui. He was initially the treasurer of the Hyakkaou Private Academy Student Council, but his actual intentions were to take down the council's president, Kirari Momobami.

He was voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in Japanese, Chris Niosi in Netflix Dub, and Scott Gibbs in Sentai Dub in English. In Live-action, he was played as Taishi Nakagawa.


The treasurer of the student council, his actual goal was to overthrow Kirari and take over her role as the student council president. After losing a gambling match to Yumeko, his hair turns white due to the shock of his underestimation of his opponent before being hospitalized. He later returned in the manga's 'Re-Election Arc', where he became Yumeko's ally.


Kaede is a tall and slender student with dark eyes and pale skin. He originally had black hair that later turned white following his defeat at the hands of Yumeko. He wears black glasses and the issued Hyakkaou Private Academy uniform.


Kaede is initially shown to be very manipulative and cunning. He successfully managed to keep his true intentions a secret from the student council for his entire time as part of the group, and is very observant of his opponents when gambling.

However, he actually has major insecurities over been seen as worthless by his peers. He is determined to be appreciated and not be discarded. This is shown after he loses to Yumeko in a gambling match and is fired from the student council and degraded to a housepet as a result.

Afterwards, he lost motivation for anything and saw everthing in his life as pointless before competing in another gambling match. His personality shares many similarities with Itsuki Sumeragi, to the point where he showed some appreciation and admiration for the latter's persistence when he advised to her that she joined him in the student council.



  • He's the only male member of the student council.

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