Let's fight. Using words isn't our style.
~ Kagachi
Kagachi is the fourth boss of Castle of Shikigami III.

One of the illusions generated by the castle, Kagachi is guarding the path to Tsukiko Johjima, the last illusion of the castle. He is from the same werewolf race as Gennojo Hyuga, and apparently the only boss not based upon the character's memories.

Kagachi is a tough boss, first shooting large fireballs, then covering the screen with blue energy spheres. Upon losing half of his health, he will change into his wolf form and starts circling the screen while shooting, making it hard to hit him while dodging. His last attack is to hover above the character, then pounding the ground, sending a large quantity of energy all over the place.


  • When playing with both Roger Sasuke and Munchausen, the two start crossdressing to confuse the bosses, but Kagachi hilariously crossdresses along with them.
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