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A person with a calm personality. Even when she transforms into a wolf, her composure isn't lost.
~ Profile

Kagerou Imaizumi is a werewolf and one of the youkai that joined the Youkai Rebellion when the magic burst side-effects of the Lucky Mallet gave them more power. She's the third boss of Touhou: Double Dealing Character, since she went berserk due to her new capabilities. Kagerou, like Wakasagihime and Sekibanki are recurring characters now.


Like all werewolves, she is able to transform into a wolf during the full moon and is able to change between forms during battle if she uses a spellcard. According to her profile, she is a Were Honshu Wolf and her species is extinct in the outside world. She hangs around the Bamboo Forest of the Lost because the youkai of the moon built a mansion there, and because that's probably the place closest to the moon and its effects.


In her wolf form, Kagerou has dark brown hair and red eyes. She has two wolf ears, long red nails; and wears a long, blue-white and red dress, ending in a black trim with a cobweb pattern. At the neck of her dress is a red amulet.




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  • Kagerou is one of the the only characters to dislike her own ability, along with Rikako.
  • She's the first werewolf in a remotely traditional sense to appear in the series.
    • Interestingly enough she has a serious dislike of how hairy she'd get on a full moon, making her normally far less aggressive than most werewolves.
  • Her first name Kagerou (影狼) literally means "Shadow Wolf". Her surname, Imaizumi (今泉) is a reference to the Japanese zoologist Yoshinori Imaizumi (今泉吉典), who first researched the Japanese wolf. It's spelled with the characters for "now" and "spring".
  • In some fan art she is seen with Remilia Scarlet as Remilia is a vampire and she is a werewolf which are both creatures of the night.
  • Since her first appearance in the Double Dealing Character demo, she has been paired with either Keine Kamishirasawa, because both of them are 3rd Stage bosses and are half-beasts that transform in the nights of full Moon, or Momiji Inubashiri because of her being a white wolf tengu and Kagerou a werewolf (Moreover, she is sometimes depicted as a more dog-like character, just like what happens to Momiji).
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