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Kai is one of the eleven main antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po. He appears in the game's fifth chapter level "The Fox Behind the Mask".


As a kung fu master, Kai went to the Jade Palace to refine his techniques, among which there is also a very powerful one that allowed him to disappear and reappear where he wanted to. Then while he is visiting the lower floors of the Palace, he found a room with inside an ancient mask. He was attracted by the mask and put it on his face, so he can become much stronger, ferocious, persuasive, influential, and manipulative ten times. Ultimately, Po and the Furious Five fought and beat him, bringing him back to normality.


Like all foxes, Kai is cunning and manipulative. As a young but gifted kung fu student, he is on good terms with the Jade Palace masters and studies with them. Unfortunately, he proves susceptible to a demonic mask, and is transformed into a savage and destructive warrior who is bent on destroying anyone who dares to challenge him.

Fighting Style

While Kai is in his evil form, he often uses chi-techniques and (thanks to the mask's power) he manages to perform very fast, offensive, and belligerent loads against the opponent. Furthermore, during the fighting, he often disappears and then rematerializes himself in another place, to avoid the opponents' blows.


Before becoming truly evil and after returned normal, Kai wears a cream shirt (except that the edges of the sleeves and the collar of the latter are dark gray), cream trousers, two white wristbands, and a red sash. He also wears a necklace with big scarlet pearls. Once he puts on his mask, his sleeves are torn and the pearls of the necklace becomes tear-shaped with a dark blue core.



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