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We are Agito, the iron rulers of all.
~ Kai Yan

Kai Yan is a major antagonist in Dragalia Lost, being one of the Agito.

He is voiced by Hiroshi Shirokuma in Japanese and an uncredited English voice actor.


In his normal form, he is a pale muscular Qilin with horns, light hair and a beard, and purple eyes. He dresses in black pants and ties his hair into a ponytail. On his chest he has several golden orbs embedded along with black and white patterns, and his fists are black and white.

Upon transformation, he resembles a minotaur with four horns, black and white fists, and longer hair.



Judging by the descriptions of his Agito weapons, Kai Yan was once a peaceful man who ruled over a beautiful settlement along with his brethren, preaching messages of peace and harmony between species. That is, until the settlement is attacked and his followers and kin who were too peaceful to fight back were all slaughtered. Bereft from the deaths of all his followers, he abandons his pacifistic nature and begins to massacre those he considers weak, believing that only the strong can belong, which was why his settlement was destroyed. He also trains until his body is at its physical peak and absorbs a powerful relic, the Vajra Orbs, into his body to enhance his power even more.

Sometime in his life, he meets Nedrick who gives him an Agito mask, enhancing his strength to even greater levels as well as granting him the power to transform into a beast of black mana.

Powers and Abilities

Kai Yan possesses immense strength, visibly shattering the ground with his mace in many of his attacks. He can also summon balls of light that damage players, as well as generating a shield around himself that nullifies all damage and damage attackers until it is broken or dispelled. He also passively generates a field around him that increases damage to him and the player characters.

In his beast form, he possesses an even greater amount of durability and strength, able to deal massive damage by swiping and punching the ground. He also has a stronger control over light energy, being able to trap players in balls of light that he throws or explodes, damaging the player trapped inside unless it is destroyed. His shield is also stronger.



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